IoT company ranking:

The leading Internet of Things companies

The IoT company ranking tracks company activity in the Internet of Things by quantifying popularity and activity for each firm. The ranking is updated on a quarterly basis and serves as an indication as to which companies are investing most into the Internet of Things and how popular they are.

Latest ranking

Latest Update: July 7, 2015
Ranking for Q2/2015


The basis for the ranking is our database of 2000+ Internet of Things companies. We rank these firms based on four dimensions:

1. # of Google searches

  • How often people search for the companies on Google in conjunction with IoT

2. # of Tweets

  • How often companies get mentioned in tweets on Twitter in conjunction with IoT

3. # of News items

  • How often newspapers and blogs mention the companies in conjunction with IoT

4. # of IoT employees

  • How many company employees carry the tag “Internet of Things” on Linkedin

The highest scoring company in each dimension receives a rating of 100%, with all other Internet of Things companies receiving a lower percentage in linear relation to the score of the highest ranking company. The total score is an average of all four measured dimensions.

World map of ranked companies

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