Monthly IoT Digest 12/2014 – The four emerging Internet of Things interest groups

Summary of the IoT activity in November 2014

There are four different types of Internet of Things interest groups emerging:

  1. IoT explorers: This is the largest group. These people search for IoT examples and definitions. And in November they looked at Vala Afshar’s slide deck highlighting current IoT applications (see below)
  2. IoT creators: These people are working in IoT and search for things like analytics. In November they liked articles about product design, new gadgets and tools for developers.
  3. IoT investors. These people look for ways to invest in IoT stocks. They screen the internet for relevant IoT companies and hidden investment opportunities.
  4. IoT sceptics. “IoT privacy” is the most trending search term right now. Though this topic has not reached the Top 10 search terms, public skepticism and concern seems to grow.

Also important to note that November saw yet another large IoT acquisition: Kore Telematics bought Raco Wireless.

IoT on the web

  • Total interest in IoT declined slightly in November. This comes after October saw record levels of IoT interest.
  • As more and more people get interested in IoT, they search mostly for IoT examples, relevant companies and potential stocks to invest in.
  • Although the overall interest is smaller, the trending search topics are around privacy, analytics, and machine communication
IoT Digest 2014 12 Google search Trends

Google search trends November 2014

IoT in the press

  • TechCruchs’ top IoT article last month highlights how the whole Internet of Things ecosystem is currently accelerating and comes to the conclusion that the development is probably hard to stop at this point.
  • The other top articles deal with making IoT work. Wired Magazine highlights the “Thingsee One” project, a cool-looking device packed with sensors and coming with an open-source developer environment.
  • HBR redefines common design principles to make great connected products.

Top articles last month

  1. TechCrunch: The Internet Of Things Is Reaching Escape Velocity (Link)
  2. Wired Magazine: A new gadget that lets you invent your own internet of things (Link)
  3. Harvard Business Review: 5 ways product design needs to evolve for the Internet of Things (Link)
IoT Digest 2014 12 Press coverage

Press coverage November 2014

IoT in social media

  • The most popular IoT tweet in November was initiated by Brian Fanzo. He discovered a map that supposedly shows every connected device in the world
  • The other popular tweets deal with examples of Internet of things applications. Vala Afshar’s slide deck containing 40 current IoT examples is very popular on the net.

Top IoT-related tweets last month

  1. @isocialfanz: Wow – A Map of Every Device in the World That’s Connected to the
  2. @valaafshar: By 2020, 57,000 new “things” will be added to the Internet every 1 second.
  3. @entmagazine: 8 Ways the ‘Internet of Things’ Will Impact Your Everyday Life #IoT
IoT Digest 2014 12 Twitter activity

Twitter activity November 2014

IoT startup scene

  • Investments in IoT startups was rather limited in November.
  • The most notable is a $700k investment in Ninja Blocks, a stylish smart home controller

Latest Startup Investments

Rank Startup Investor(s) Type Amount
NumberFilled1  Ninja Blocks 500 Startups, Blackbird Ventures, SingTel Innov8 Venture $700k
NumberFilled2  Augmenta Butterlfly Ventures Seed n/a
NumberFilled3  Sophia Search Angel Co Fund Seed n/a


  • In November, Kore Telematics acquired Raco Wireless in an attempt to build a dominant product portfolio for the M2M managed services market.

Recent acquisitions

Rank Company Aquired by When Purchase price
NumberFilled1  Zenverge Freescale 04 Dec 2014 undisclosed
NumberFilled2  Raco Wireless Kore Telematics 11 Nov 2014 undisclosed
NumberFilled3  Sky Wave Mobile Orbcomm 07 Nov 2014 undisclosed

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