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Weekly IoT digest 37/2015: Industry news, M&A activity, startup rumors.


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experts have argued for months that open IoT standards are crucial for the Internet of Things to unfold its potential. Last week, Samsung, a major IoT player in the field of wearables and smart homes announced a shift away from proprietary standards to open IoT standards. In a first step, Samsung opens its new Gear S2 smart watch to other Android phones. Going forward, the company wants all of its devices to connect to each other by 2020.

Another announcement that made the IoT headlines last week was the IBM-ARM partnership for IoT developments. The deal seems like a good match. IBM has a strong platform, ARM is a strong chip maker and device-platform integration remains difficult, even in 2015.

In M&A news, Blackberry bought Good Technology last week for $425m. Even though Good is not an IoT company by itself, Blackberry’s CEO Chen is saying that the deal will help Blackberry “extend into the IoT world.”

In IoT startup news, Gobi opened a $94m fund for (IoT) startups in China, Roost smart battery for smart smoke alarms raised $5.5m in a Series A funding round and Indonesian smart fish feeding startup eFishery raised a pre-series A funding.

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1. Top IoT articles and announcements

Wall Street Journal (blog)– Sep 4, 2015

Samsung to Open Devices to Rival Standards for Internet of Things

The shift marks the growing importance of the Internet of things in consumers’ lives. “We found out that the European consumer has on average 19 connected …

Stephanie Beaumont

Are you living in a ‘Smart City’? Here are the Top 10 Smart Cities On the Planet…

Can you name them? The term “smart cities” is a bit ambiguous. To me, it means the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to deliver– Sep 4, 2015

Beware the Hype around the Internet of Things

Traditionally, I’ve been contrarian about things the mass media predicts to be a big deal and IoT is no different. IoT will not disrupt industry in America or …

TechCrunch– Sep 5, 2015

The Hierarchy of IoT “Thing” Needs

I received a lot of feedback on an article I wrote a few months ago about changing the way we perceive the “Things” in the Internet of Things (IoT). The gist of my …

InformationWeek– Sep 4, 2015

IBM, ARM Partner On IoT Development

The deal gives IBM access to ARM’s IoT sensor technology and provides developers better and faster ways to analyze and process the data once it has been …


2. IoT M&A and partnership activity

ZDNet– Sep 4, 2015

BlackBerry acquires Good Technology for $425 million, accelerates …

BlackBerry will benefit from the acquisition of Good because it won’t have to … and deepest and extend beyond EMM and into the IoT world,” Chen said on a call …


3. IoT startup news

e27– Sep 7, 2015

Indonesian IoT startup eFishery gets pre-Series A funding

eFishery, a smart fish feeder manufacturer based in Indonesia, has announced a pre-series A funding round from Aqua-spark, a Utrecht-based aquaculture …

TechCrunch– 9 hours ago

Gobi Partners Launches $94M Fund For Early-Stage Startups In China

Xu says that Gobi Yingzhi II (named after the first Gobi Yingzhi fund, which was launched in 2012) will look at a wide range of sectors. On the enterprise side, it …

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