The IoT Platform Market Report 2021-2026

Hyperscalers are dominating the $5B IoT platforms market – What does that mean for your business? [Find out]

IoT Platforms Market Report 2021 - 2026

About the IoT Platforms Market Report 2021-2026

Why it matters?

  • Smaller IoT platform vendors need to be aware of the actions of the cloud hyperscalers in order to avoid being crushed in direct competition.
  • Companies looking to realize IoT use cases should seriously consider using an IoT platform as today’s leading platforms are stable, secure, and flexible enough to meet modern architectural and business requirements.
IoT Platforms Market Report 2021-2026 - Table of contents
IoT Platforms Market Report 2021-2026 - 2018 vs 2021-min

Find out:

  • How the IoT market has evolved since 2018
  • How big the IoT platform market is and how fast it is growing across the following dimensions:
    • By IoT platform vs. IoT IaaS
    • By IoT platform type (4 types)
    • By hosting type (4 types)
    • By IoT segment (10 segments)
    • By industry / ISIC code (41 codes)
    • By country (57 countries)
  • Which companies are leading the IoT Platforms market (by type, including market shares)
  • How IoT Platforms solutions are being implemented today (list of 33 real enterprise IoT case studies with 6 detailed cases)
  • Which types of IoT platform start-ups are being funded and by which investors (top 50, since 2018)
  • Which notable IoT platforms have been acquired since June 2018
  • 4 adoption drivers, 12 trends, and 5 overall challenges associated with IoT platforms
  • 6 trends related to specific layers of IoT platforms
  • How hyperscalers like Microsoft and Amazon are positioned in the IoT platform space
  • How the interplay of the cloud and the edge is affecting IoT platform architectures and feature development
  • How IoT platform vendors are using their own offerings to realize value internally
  • Which IoT platforms are used by which automotive OEMs
  • More…

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    Definition of an IoT Platform

    IoT Platforms Market Report 2021-2026 - Definition of IoT Platforms-min

    Drivers, trends, and challenges

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