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Reports, white papers, insights for the home automation market

Below, you ll find all of our market reports, white papers and insights related to Smart Home, connected living and home automation market.
Smart home topics include: Smart thermostats, Home security, intelligent lighting, connected appliances, connected smoke alarms and much more…

Smart Home Market Tracker


We maintain one of the most detailed databases on smart home activity. The database is updated monthly and segments the market:

  • by Country (40+ countries available)
  • by Vendor (300+ Smart Home Device vendors tracked)
  • by Type of Smart Home Device (Thermostat, Security system, Smoke Alarm, Gateway, Appliances, Lights)
  • by Month (all the way back to September 2014
  • by Units (# of devices sold)
  • by Revenue (Company Smart Home Revenue)

Sample data

Sample data point: Number of Nest thermostats sold in the Great Britain in March 2017.

Sources: The data is mainly based on customer app-interactions as provided by our partner Priori Data as well as personal discussion with vendors and regular pricing research.

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