The IoT trends accelerated by COVID-19

10 essential analyses to gain advantage beyond 2020

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Analysis 1: The general impact of Covid-19 on IoT

Some IoT companies have seen a drop of ~50% in new order intake as Covid-19 forced their customers to freeze budgets or delay IT/IoT spending. As part of our analysis, we uncovered 25 key elements of Covid-19 influence – short-term and long-term.

Based on our 105 page State of IoT Q1/2020 & Covid-19 impact report.

The impact of Covid-19 on the Internet of Things - Complete view

Analysis 2: How to commercialize next generation smart connected products

60% of firms that have recently introduced new smart connected products say that IoT is helping them achieve a competitive advantage in the market. As Covid-19 has led to an increasing customer need for more transparency and visibility of operations, smart connected products will play a crucial role in the coming years.

Based on our 189 page IoT Commercialization & Business Model Adoption Report 2020.

Analysis 3: Shifting from CAPEX to OPEX

67% of manufacturers in discrete industries prefer to lease or purchase equipment as a service instead of purchasing it as a one-off. Our research shows that equipment as a service (EaaS) business models are in strong demand as companies slash CAPEX in response to the outbreak.

Based on our 78 page Equipment as a Service Market Report 2020-2025 .

Equipment as a Service-min

Analysis 4: Revisiting the IoT security setup

The $2.8B market for IoT Security solutions is accelerating. As Covid-19 has led to an increase in cyberattacks and to changes in hackers’ strategies, companies are taking precautions and revisiting their IoT security setup. IoT Analytics identified 30 IoT security capabilities that are used to counteract the attacks.

Based on our 123 page IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025.

Analysis 5: Getting ready for the post-pandemic digital acceleration

The top 5 IT priorities are changing. While digital customer experience, digital worker collaboration, and cybersecurity were key during the first months of the pandemic, topics such as accelerated cloud migration are expected to rule the IT priority lists going forward.

Based on IT & IoT Trends – Mid 2020 Update report



Look inside a 100+ page market report


Analysis 6: The new State of the IoT – 8 months into the pandemic

Report: State of the IoT Q4/2020 & Outlook 2021

Analysis 7: IoT connectivity technologies for remote access

Report: Cellular IoT & LPWA Tracker (Q4 2020)



Analysis 8: Opportunities for industrial applications in the cloud

Report: Virtual PLC & Soft PLC Market Report 2020-2025

Upcoming report: Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report 2020-2025

Planned release: Q1 2021

Analysis 9: Latest IoT Platform trends

Upcoming report: IoT Platforms Market Report 2020-2025

Planned release: Q1 2021



Analysis 10: IoT data management and cloud architectures

Upcoming report: Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report 2020-2025

Planned release: Q1 2021


Look inside a 100+ page market report

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