IoT Vendor Comparison

Select the right IoT vendor for your project

Find the most suitable project partners to help you through your IoT business case development, proof of concept / pilot phase, or IoT solution roll-out.

Do you struggle to evaluate which IoT vendor has experience in your industry? Are you asking yourself about the track record and capabilities of specific companies? Or are you just looking for an external point of view?

IoT Analytics together with our partner provides the IoT vendor comparison service utilizing our comprehensive classification of approx. 450 IoT platform vendors. The IoT vendor comparison will be tailored to your specific requirements e.g., industry, technology, type of IoT product/service.
IoT vendor comparison - sample

Why find your IoT vendor with IoT Analytics and our partners?


IoT Analytics and our partners attend the most relevant industry conferences and speak to some of the companies directly to understand the latest trends and developments in the market.


IoT Analytics has accumulated a wealth of research data for your IoT endeavor (e.g., database of 360+ IoT Platform Companies, database of IoT use cases, IoT adoption heat map).

Track record

IoT Analytics has been screening the IoT ecosystem for relevant players and their capabilities for several years and is a trusted partner of several large IoT firms.

How does it work?

  1. Describe your project and which IoT vendor/ partner capabilities are needed.
  2. IoT Analytics together with our partner will assess your unique requirements.
  3. You will be provided with a proposal of suitable partners that may be right for you.
  4. Optional: We make an introduction to your preferred vendor.

Describe your IoT project now to receive your exclusive IoT vendor comparison!

1. Information on your IoT project

In which industry is your IoT solution primarily going to be operating in?

What kind of customers are you targeting with your IoT product or service?

What phase(s) are you mainly looking for assistance with? (multiple answers possible)
Developing your business case and the visionPrototyping an IoT-enabled product (hard- and software)Collecting IoT data and generating actionable insightsMarketing an IoT-enabled product or serviceNot applicable

How many devices are you planning to connect in the next 3 years?

What is the expected data volume of your IoT Solution?

What level of security does your IoT solution likely require?

What is your IoT project about in detail?

2. Requirements on your IoT vendor

Do you already know which kind of offering you are looking for?
ConsultingIoT PlatformAnalyticsSystem integrationApplication developmentProduct designIoT hardwareConnectivity servicesSecurityNot applicableDon't know yet

Which size of IoT vendor would you prefer to work with for your IoT solution?

Tradeoff cost vs quality of your IoT vendor: How would you compromise?

What is the estimated budget for your IoT vendor (in USD)?

When are you roughly planning to start work with the IoT endor?

What is the estimated project duration with your IoT vendor?

Which specific skillsets and capabilities do you expect from your optimal IoT vendor?

3. Company information

Your Company

How big is your organization?

Where are you located (city, state, country)?

Your Department

4. Contact information

Your Full Name

Your Position

Your E-mail

Your Telephone

When can we best reach you (day of the week, time, time-zone)?


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