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Market Reports and Lists, Advisory and Go-To-Market Services,
Corporate Research Subscription

In addition to our market insights we offer a range of IoT products and IoT services:

  • Our Product Portfolio includes focused Market Reports, current Data Sets / Lists and targeted White Papers on a number of IoT topics.
  • Our Service Portfolio includes Advisory Services (Consulting) and Go-To-Market Services, such as White Papers or interactive content.
  • Our Corporate Research Subscription includes access to our complete research stream and dedicated analyst time.

Market Reports, Lists and White Papers

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Advisory and Go-To-Market Services

1) Advisory / Consulting

We offer a range of bespoke research and consulting services related to our research focus areas. This is a list of selected recent engagements:

Client Project
IoT System Integrator Market study “Connected Industry”: Market sizing and drill down of specific industrial IoT markets in Europe
Large industrial conglomerate IoT Use Case Priorization: Sizing, maturity analysis and priorization of various IoT use cases
Global Non-Profit organization IoT for sustainable development: Mapping of global IoT projects for sustainable development
US Open-Source software provider IoT Transportation landscape: Overview of leading firms in IoT for transportation and their projects
Large VC fund LPWAN mapping: Interview series and mapping of key players
IoT System Integrator Market study “Smart Home”: Market sizing and drill down of specific industrial IoT markets in Europe

2) Go-To-Market Services


Corporate Research Subcription


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