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1. # of Google searches


Number of searches for “Internet of Things”

2. Google search trends


Top IoT-related searches last 30 days

IoT in the press


3. Press coverage


Top IoT-related articles last 30 days

Rank Publisher Titel
NumberFilled1  TechCrunch The Internet Of Things Is Reaching Escape Velocity (Link)
NumberFilled2  Wired A new gadget that lets you invent your own internet of things (Link)
NumberFilled3  HBR

5 ways product design needs to evolve for the Internet of Things (Link)

NumberFilled4  TechCrunch Ex-Nokians crowdfund a device to democratize the Internet of Things (Link)
NumberFilled5  ABC News Internet of Things and cities of the future (Link)

4. Industry publications


Top new IoT-related publications last 30 days

Rank Publisher Titel
NumberFilled1  Hampleton Partners M&A market spotlight November 2014 – Internet of Things (Link)
NumberFilled2  US National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee NSTAC Report to the President on the Internet of Things (Link)
NumberFilled3  IDTechEX Internet of Things business opportunities 2015-2025 (Link)
NumberFilled4  Research and Markets Market for sensors in the Internet of Things 2014-2021 (Link)
NumberFilled5  Radiant Insights Semiconductor Wireless Sensor Internet of Things Market 2014-2020 (Link)

IoT in social media


5. Twitter activity


Top IoT-related tweets last 30 days

Rank User Titel
NumberFilled1  Brian Fanzo  @isocialfanz Wow – A Map of Every Device in the World That’s Connected to the Internet #IoT
NumberFilled2  Forrester Research @forrester Internet of Things success stories overtake the hype in 2015. #iot
NumberFilled3  Vala Afshar @valaafshar By 2020, 57,000 new “things” will be added to the Internet every 1 second.
NumberFilled4  Entrepreneur @entmagazine 8 Ways the ‘Internet of Things’ Will Impact Your Everyday Life #IoT
NumberFilled5  Forrester Research @forrester #InternetofThings software platforms will become the rage in 2015. #IoT

6. Hot topics landscape


Top IoT-related hashtags last 30 days

Internet of Things Twitter Tag Cloud Nov 2014

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