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IoT Analytics, founded and operating out of Germany, is a leading global provider of market insights and strategic business intelligence for the IoT, AI, Cloud, Edge, and Industry 4.0.

Our products and services portfolio includes two key areas:

Reports & Databases

  • Large-scale market reports
  • Event reports
  • End-use adoption reports
  • Trackers and forecasts
  • Databases and lists
  • And more…

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Tailored Research

  • Data customizations
  • Interview-based studies
  • Commissioned surveys
  • Strategic advice
  • And more…

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What We Do: Our Work

Our aim is to be the highest-quality and most holistic IoT research provider. The goal is that you can better understand IoT markets and base important decisions on well-researched facts and figures.

While we monitor the general technology business environment and general trends around digital transformation, most of our work is focused on the analysis of IoT markets and IoT companies.

We track IoT market segments and IoT companies, including their business cases, market share, and M&A activities, and provide custom IoT market research.

Our Focus Areas

Check out our coverage areas to get a better understanding of our current IoT market research specializations.

Company Profile

Our Vision

Accelerating IoT adoption through important insights

We believe that technology plays a vital role in making the Earth a better place. If employed correctly, it makes people healthier and safer and makes our environment less polluted. IoT is one of the key technological advancements toward this vision, and we want to play our role in helping realize its promise.

At IoT Analytics, our goal is therefore to supply market participants in the IoT ecosystem with accurate information that enables them to go to market faster and build safer and better IoT solutions.

Our team shares a passion for the Internet of Things, and we are here to make the information available to you. We mine the web for relevant data, speak to experts deploying and offering IoT solutions, conduct relevant surveys, and package these data points in ways that make for compelling insights that our customers can use for better decision-making.

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Why Work With Us?

Top-Quality Analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. We have conducted 550+ primary research interviews and built 40+ databases in the last years. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Unparalleled IoT Network

We have 60+ years of IoT industry experience in the team. All our analysts have extensive industry background and a unique global network across both vendor and end-user communities and across all major industries.

Trusted by Market Leaders

We have served 1000+ customers to date, many of which are Global Fortune 500 firms and returning customers. Our customers rate us 4.4/5 on average and consistently score us as “better” than our competitors, especially for product quality.

Achieve your goals faster with our data-driven insights and solutions.

Interested in how your business can benefit from our insights? Please get in touch and let us find the best solutions for your needs together.

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