Who we are and how we do IoT market research

IoT Analytics is a leading provider of market insights for the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0. More than 40,000 IoT decision makers rely on our data-driven market research every month. Our products and services portfolio includes free insights on IoT markets and companies, focused market reports on specific IoT segments and Go-to-Market services for emerging IoT companies.

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Our Work

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IoT Analytics is a leading IoT market research / industry analyst firm, focused on the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0. Our aim is to bring you the best and latest market insights around the IoT ecosystem so that you can better understand IoT markets.

While we monitor the general technology business environment and general trends around digital transformation, most of our work is focused on the analysis of IoT markets and IoT companies.

We track IoT market segments, IoT companies, their business cases, market share, M&A activity, and we provide custom IoT market research. Check out the “IoT segments” tab to take a deeper look at the current focus areas of our IoT market research.

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Awareness & reach: Our insights are trusted by more than 40k people per month

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Why work with us?

High-quality analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture. And… we only publish when we think we got it right.

First-hand information

We attend and speak at approx. 20 global IoT and Industry 4.0-focused conferences every year. This allows us to shape our unbiased, third-party view and test some of our opinions with other industry professionals.

Large global audience

With 40k highly-engaged website visitors per month and more than 10k people subscribed to our email updates we are able to supply our research to a much larger target audience than many of our competitors.

Our Vision

Accelerating IoT adoption through important insights

We believe that technology plays a vital role in making the earth a better place – If employed correctly it makes people healthier, safer and our environment less polluted. IoT is one of the key technological advancements towards this vision and we want to play our role in helping achieve this vision.

At IoT Analytics, our goal is therefore to supply market participants in the IoT ecosystem with accurate information that enable them to go to market quicker and build safer and better IoT solutions.

Our team shares a passion for the Internet of Things and we are here to make the information available to you. We mine the web for relevant data, reach out to experts employing and offering IoT solutions and come up with relevant insights for our customers.

Our Team

Knud Lasse Lueth


Knud is the founder of IoT Analytics. He has extensive background working with IoT software and hardware companies and builds on a consulting and manufacturing background.

Padraig Scully

VP Market Research

Padraig leads the market research team at IoT Analytics. He has several years of experience in telco and technology research. Current focus areas include IoT platforms, LPWAN, and M2M.

Abhay Rastogi

VP Strategy, Business Development & Partnerships

Abhay leads the strategy and business development elements for IoT Analytics. He has a background in energy, services and top tier strategy consulting.

Julian Rickert

Industrial IoT Analyst

Julian is a research analyst focusing on the future of industrial technology: Industrie 4.0, industrial internet, IIoT. His background is in industrial / mechanical engineering.

Zaña Diaz Williams

Industrial IoT Analyst

Zaña is a research analyst focusing  on the future of industrial technology: Industrie 4.0, industrial internet, IIoT. Her background is in production technology and management.

Eugenio Pasqua

Principal Analyst

Eugenio is an experienced research analyst focusing on the future of industrial technology: M2M, Smart solutions, IIoT. His background is in telecommunications engineering.

Hoang Pham Van

VP Marketing

Hoang is responsible for all Social Media, community and blog activities at IoT Analytics. He is an IoT technology enthusiast focusing on bringing high quality content to other IT enthusiasts.

Thomas Meier

Data Scientist

Thomas studied physics focused on semiconductors. He uses his gained knowledge in data processing to operate in spheres of data exploration, web-mining and automation.

Our Contributors and Partners

Jan Kotzorek

Online Marketing

Jan is an independent partner, supporting us at online marketing campaigns and building on his ebusiness platform experience as co-founder of smartvertise.

Moritz Bolle

Industry 4.0 Consulting

Moritz supports IoT Analytics as an independent consultant in the area of Industry 4.0 / Industrial internet. He was previously a project leader at BCG.

Thomas Lauth

Independent Researcher

Being a tech enthusiast and expert in digital business models, Tom enjoys applying his experience in consulting and data analysis to IoT markets.

Our Team in Action

The IoT Analytics team visits between 15 and 20 conferences, fairs and events every year. We update you on a regular basis about things we learned at those events.

IoT Analytics in the News

Our work recently appeared in the following publications.

The Industrial Internet Consortium Logo

October 24, 2017
The Industrial Internet Consortium
IIC’s IIoT Analytics Framework Technical Report

[…] Business Leaders have increasingly recognised the importance of industrial analytics. A recent survey  carried out by IoT Analytics GmbH found that 69% of surveyed business leaders or industry analysts consider industrial analytics crucial for their businesses within 5 years and want to apply analytics to strengthen their businesses. The same survey found that analytics on physical objects and machines rank high in importance. predictive and prescriptive maintenance of machines (at 79% of surveyed considering it extreme or very important ) ranks at the top, slightly surpassing consumer and market related analytics (at 77%).

August 7, 2017
IoT Now
Should ‘secure’ solution vendors be excited at sales impact of US Senate’s IoT Cybersecurity Act?

[…] Knud Lasse Lueth, managing director at IoT Analytics GmbH tells IoT Now, “Government legislation, such as this Bill [IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act], can be a driving factor for improving IoT security. Our recent research suggests that there are at least 150 IoT security vendors on the market that may directly benefit from this bill. Right now, overall security spending for IoT projects is in the single digit percentage range of the total project costs, often below 1%. However, given the severe implications of a breach, it probably should be higher. And there should be an increased focus on aspects such as patch management, especially after the recent Mirai and WannaCry attacks on IoT devices.”

July 19, 2017
Particle Raises $20 Million To Clean Up The Chaos Of 450 Separate IoT Platforms

With so many platforms, companies disappear almost as often as they appear, leaving early adopters in the lurch: “More than 30 of the companies included in the 2016 edition of the list have ceased to exist,” says IoT Analytics’ analyst Zana Diaz Williams.

July 5, 2017
IOT Evolution
450 IoT Platforms and Counting

[…] IoT Analytics Managing Director Knud Lasse Lueth said: “The market for IoT Platforms continues to get more crowded and fragmented. However, the dynamics are shifting: while we continue to witness a constant stream of new startups entering this space, most of the larger vendors seem to have made their bets by now – organic new entrants by multinationals are becoming rare.”

June 27, 2017
Financial Times
The internet of things: industry’s digital revolution

The likes of GE and Siemens are investing billions in the ‘industrial internet’ but will face competition from IT groups and start-ups

December 19, 2016
Industrial Analytics Based On Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Manufacturing

A fascinating report on how Industrial Analytics is maturing based on advances in the areas of IoT, machine learning, and big data analytics […] Research firm IoT Analytics GmbH was selected to conduct the study.

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