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Today’s fast-paced and complex technology often requires customized analysis to answer specific questions in depth.

We offer a range of bespoke research and consulting services that go beyond our existing reports and databases.

Our IoT Analytics advisory team offers market and industry analysis to support a diverse range of organizations across industries with deep insights for vertical analysis, investment opportunities, prospect identification, and a better understanding of IoT markets.

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Our Solutions

Market Assessment

  • Sizing
  • Trends
  • White space
  • Share (by company, by region/country)

Landscape Assessment

  • Products
  • Services
  • Vendors
  • Competition
  • Technology

Ecosystem Assessment

  • Models
  • Partnerships
  • Value chains

Business Case Support

  • Validation
  • Pricing
  • Adaption

Expert Engagements

  • Executive Briefings
  • Panels
  • Workshops

How We Work

Our IoT experts address key questions across all IoT segments with data-driven market research and analysis to provide unbiased and up-to-date industry forecasts and market insights.

You can find our latest focus topic insights here. We are continually adding new topics, market reports, and helpful insights.

The projects are typically a mix of primary research (both interviews and/or surveys) and secondary research. We work with our own panel of IoT experts.

Selected Projects

Here are some of our most recent engagements:

Client Project
IoT system integrator Connected industry market study: Market sizing and drill down of specific industrial IoT markets in Europe
Large industrial conglomerate IoT use case prioritization: sizing, maturity analysis, and prioritization of various IoT use cases
Global non-profit organization IoT for sustainable development: mapping of global IoT projects for sustainable development
US open-source software provider IoT transportation landscape: overview of leading IoT for transportation firms and their projects
Large VC fund LPWAN mapping: interview series and mapping of key players
IoT system integrator Smart home market study: market sizing and drill down of specific industrial IoT markets in Europe

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We’re using our experience and our network to help our clients achieve their goals and meet their priorities. Partner with us and let us find the best solutions and support for your business.

Why Work With Us?

Top-Quality Analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. We have conducted 550+ primary research interviews and built 40+ databases in the last years. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Unparalleled IoT Network

We have 60+ years of IoT industry experience in the team. All our analysts have extensive industry background and a unique global network across both vendor and end-user communities and all major industries.

Trusted by Market Leaders

We have served 600+ customers to date, many of which are Global Fortune 500 firms and returning customers. Our customers rate us 4.4/5 on average and consistently score us as “better” than our competitors, especially for product quality.

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