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Trusted by 1000+ leading companies around the world

In-depth and holistic analyses

We aim to produce the highest quality research available to you. We have conducted 800+ primary research interviews, 2600+ enterprise survey respondents, 120+ databases, and more. Our focus is on facts and actionable insights without losing sight of the bigger picture.

High-profile team with unparalleled IoT network

We have approximately 60 years of combined IoT industry experience in the team. All our analysts have extensive industry backgrounds and a unique global network across both vendor and end-user communities and across all major industries.

Trusted by leading companies

We have served 1,000+ customers to date, many of whom are Fortune Global 500 firms and returning customers. Our customers rate us 4.4/5 on average and consistently score us as “better” than our competitors, especially for product quality.

What Others Say About Us

What our clients appreciate about our work

IoT Analytics offers invaluable insights that drive market strategies, validate assumptions, and uncover customer business opportunities. Their comprehensive data on technology and market trends, along with customer behavior, enables informed decision-making, empowering our business to stay ahead of the market.

– VP, Analyst Relations

IoT Analytics doesn’t just provide high-quality data. Their valuable insights enhance our understanding of the ever-changing market dynamics, leading to impactful actions.

– Sr. Director, Strategic Marketing

IoT Analytics delivered outstanding quality research and domain expertise that is helping our customers better understand complex industry landscape.

 – Director, Product and Industry Marketing

With their strong expertise in the industrial IoT market, IoT Analytics’ research analysts were able to provide the independent analysis of frontier AI applications that we needed to support our headline for a major technology announcement.

Manager, Market Intelligence

What I enjoy most is that IoT Analytics often conducts in-depth analysis of IoT from both technical and industry dimensions, especially in certain perspectives where some of the analytical angels are precise and profound. I think IoT Analytics’ analysts have a very deep industrial understanding, which leads all of us to rethink.

Zhen Guan

Zhen Guan
Senior Partner Technology Strategist, Microsoft

We engaged IoT Analytics to perform digital ecosystem and competitive intelligence gathering, and were very pleased with their depth of understanding of the Industrial Internet of Things. Their team worked with us in a highly collaborative manner, and delivered a series of reports that were greatly appreciated by the digital leadership team and other key stakeholders in Marketing & Sales. I’d recommend this boutique firm without reservation.

Kathleen Conroy
Kathleen Conroy
Vice President, ABB Group

We engaged IoT Analytics to understand how IoT supports Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN. IoT Analytics helped us conduct interviews with over 40 executives and experts across the IoT ecosystem. The subsequent analysis and IoT guidelines we developed together informed high level discussions with senior executives and public figures in Davos and will be a strong reference for our future work. I am very impressed with IoT Analytics’s professional approach and their ability to help us connect the dots between IoT and sustainability. Their commitment to the success of our project is praiseworthy.

Rodrigo Arias
Rodrigo Arias
Content Lead for Technology, Media and Digital Industries
World Economic Forum

Great to see a paper give an accurate representation of how data science and analytics are used – much better than the generic papers from the Big 5 firms.

Sean Stauth
Sean Stauth
Director Client Services
Silicon Valley Data Science (SVDS)

I purchased the recent list of 1600 IoT projects and it is a great report.

Worth the price for sure.

Chris Herbert
Chris Herbert
Entrepreneur & Certified IoT Professional
Ventures: Mi6 Agency / Silicon Halton / TechIgniters



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