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The top 10 IoT application areas – based on real IoT projects

It’s time to look beyond the hype and get real about the Internet of Things! As part of a larger effort to track the IoT ecosystem, we set out, mining hundreds of homepages, and managed to assemble and verify 640 actual enterprise IoT projects ...
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The 2016 database of enterprise IoT use cases contains extensive information on 640 real IoT projects, including details on project location, industry, end-user as well as key vendors involved in each project. PRESS RELEASE. Hamburg, Germany - 11 Aug 2016 // IoT Analytics, the ...
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Current state of the 360+ IoT Platforms

Last week, we released the updated 2016 List of 360+ IoT Platforms. The list is an update of the popular 2015 list of 260+ IoT Platforms. In the meantime more than 100 new IoT Platforms have emerged, either new startups or large corporations now ...
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7 Things We Learned At IoT World 2016

May 17, 2016 // One of the largest IoT conferences took place last week in Santa Clara, California: IoT World 2016. The 3-day event which is in its 3rd annual edition, attracted a crowd of ~15,000 people with most of the major IoT vendors ...
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September 19 – 20, 2016
Industry of Things World
Berlin, Germany

More to come in Q3/Q4 2016


What Others Say About Us

“My experience working with the team of experts at IoT Analytics has been enjoyable and enlightening.  They are true industry pioneers and have extensively covered the Internet of Things since its inception. Their acute knowledge of this arena is invaluable. myDevices commissioned the firm to conduct extensive research about the evolution of IoT platforms and their projected growth. The resulting white paper was delivered on time, on budget, and beyond our expectations. ”
– Jake White, VP of Marketing at MyDevices
“This will be the list (of top IoT companies) to watch in the future.”
Brooks Nettleship, Account Executive at Windstream
“The analyses are far superior to anything else on the market”
Christian Weiss, BPM consultant at Holisticon
“On the money. (This is) Impressive research.”
Nagaraj Shanmugam, VP Business Dev. at Orion Systems Integrators

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