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Areas of IoT coverage

At IoT Analytics, we cover a wide variety of IoT segments and markets. Highlighted below are our current focus areas. We continuously add new focus topics as we perform further research and dive into other IoT segments. We provide a number of deep market reports, databases and other insights for each of the focus topics,.

Definition of IoT

Our IoT perspective. IoT Analytics regards all connected devices that are NOT computers, tablets, or smartphones as “IoT devices” and looks at these holistically from a hardware, connectivity, middleware (cloud/platforms/analytics), applications, security and system integration perspective. IoT as a term is not restricted to any industry segments. It is applicable to consumer applications (e.g., Smart Home) as well as as enterprise applications (e.g., Manufacturing).

Our IoT definition. IoT Analytics defines the Internet of Things as a network of internet-enabled physical objects. Objects that become internet-enabled (IoT devices) typically interact via embedded systems, some form of network communications, as well as a combination of edge and cloud computing. The data from IoT-connected devices is often (but not exclusively) used to create novel end-user applications. Connected personal computers, tablets, and smartphones are NOT considered IoT, although these may be part of the solution setup. Devices connected via extremely simple connectivity methods such as RFID or QR-codes are not considered IoT devices either.

Our 4 main IoT Workstreams

IoT Analytics currently has 4 major workstreams

  1. Industrial IoT / Industrie 4.0
  2. Smart City
  3. IoT Software & Platforms
  4. IoT Connectivity

IoT Analytics groups all other work either in IoT in General or Emerging Technologies.

IoT Segments Focus Topics

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