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IoT market in China 2023

IoT Analytics expects the IoT market in China to grow from $39 billion in 2022 to $48 billion in 2023 at a growth rate of 22%.

Additionally, IoT Analytics research data shows that the largest IoT industries in China in 2023 are expected to be discrete manufacturing ($18 billion), hybrid manufacturing ($9 billion), and automotive ($6 billion).

IoT vendors headquartered in China

Our IoT enterprise spending dashboard does not only contain the spending numbers but also a vendor list with their IoT revenue. Here are some numbers directly from the latest update:

China Mobile’s IoT revenue was $2.5 billion in 2022. The IoT verticals considered for the revenue consist of revenue from wireless connectivity services & revenue from computers, controllers, and gateways. Another IoT company based in China, Quectel, generated a revenue of $1.9B in 2022 (IoT vertical considered: computers, controllers, and gateways), while the third example Huawei Technologies generated $1B in 2022 (IoT vertical considered: computers, controllers, and gateways & platforms (incl. PaaS).

Company name IoT revenue in 2022 (in USD) Growth 2021-2022
China Mobile $2.5B 18%
Quectel $1.9B 15%
Huawei Technologies $1B 14%

Adoption of key IoT use cases in China

We evaluate a number of IoT use cases in our research. Here are some stats from our IoT Use Case Adoption Report 2021:

The most adopted IoT use case is condition-based maintenance of equipment with an 81% adoption rate, followed by quality control using traditional machine vision (62%) and Industrial automation based process control (62%). Comparing these adoption rates with the respective global rates shows that the adoption of the top use cases in China is notably higher.

# Use Case Adoption rate China 2021 Adoption rate global 2021
1 Condition-based maintenance of equipment 81% 55%
2 Quality control using traditional machine-vision 62% 60%
3 Industrial automation based process control 62% 55%
4 IoT-based plant / worker safety 55% 50%
5 Remote asset monitoring 52% 51%

Sample case study of IoT technology in China

Furthermore, we cover numerous IoT case studies in our research. Here is one from our Smart Factories Insights Report 2021.

Case Study Industry Description
Lights-out factory Manufacturing Foxconn has developed a model of lights-out manufacturing in its facility in China. The production floor consists of machines, robots tending to machines, and AVGs feeding and transferring material. All assets are always connected to the factory's private 4G wireless network.
Foxconn Logo

Foxconn is a global manufacturer of electronic goods. Faced with labor shortages and increasing product complexity, the company leaned on digital technologies to achieve operational excellence.

IoT in China - Smart Factory Use Case Study

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