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IoT market in Germany 2023

The IoT market in Germany will grow by 18% to $13 billion in 2023. In comparison, the market grew to $11 billion in 2022.

IoT Analytics’ latest data indicate that Germany’s largest industries will be discrete manufacturing ($3,9 billion), automotive ($2.1 billion), and hybrid manufacturing ($1.4 billion).

IoT vendors headquartered in Germany

Our IoT enterprise spending dashboard does not only contain the spending numbers but also a vendor list with their IoT revenue. Here are some numbers directly from the latest update:

According to our latest data, Siemens generated an IoT revenue of $1.8 billion in 2022. IoT verticals considered as IoT revenue were software applications (including SaaS), platforms (including PaaS), professional services, and hardware such as computers, controllers, and gateways. Another company headquartered in Germany, Bosch, generated an IoT revenue of $1.6B in 2022. That number considers IoT verticals such as Sensors, software applications (including SaaS), and hardware such as computers, controllers, and gateways. The last example on the list is Infineon, which generated $1.2B IoT revenue based on chipsets, sensors, and security.

Company name IoT revenue in 2022 Growth 2021-2022
Siemens $1.8B 14.8%
Bosch $1.6B 9.8%
Infineon $1.2B 38.4%

Adoption of key IoT use cases in Germany

We evaluate a number of IoT use cases in our research. Here are some stats from our research:

One of the prominent IoT use cases in Germany is remote/smart service and maintenance, exhibiting an adoption rate of 50% (compared to the global rate of 28%). Additionally, remote asset monitoring and control (read/write) and predictive maintenance (smart manufacturing) showcase adoption rates of 33% (vs. 32% globally) and 33% (vs. 28% globally), respectively.

# Use case Adoption rate Germany 2021 Adoption rate global 2021
1 Remote / smart service and maintenance 50% 28%
2 Remote asset monitoring and control (read/write) 33% 32%
3 Condition-based maintenance 34% 28%
4 Predictive maintenance(smart manufacturing) 34% 29%
5 End-2-end track&trace 30% 26%

Sample case study of IoT technology in Germany

Furthermore, we cover numerous IoT case studies in our research. Here is one from our Predictive Maintenance Market Report:

Case study Industry Description
Predictive Maintenance on railway switches. Transportation KONUX implements PdM on railway switches to improve availability, reduce cost of maintenance, and extend asset lifetime.
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Deutsche Bahn is the leading German railway company and the largest railway operator in Europe.

IoT in Germany - DB predictive maintenance - case study

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