Guide to IoT Solution Development


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This white paper uncovers major challenges during Internet of Things implementation projects. Find out key learnings from initial pilot projects along the 5 phases of IoT solution development, including a high-level comparison of major IoT solution vendors and detailed infographic.

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White paper – Guide to IoT Solution Development

The white paper aims to steer IoT Business and Technical decision makers through the challenging process of developing solutions for the Internet of Things.

The focus of this white paper is on industrial, manufacturing, energy (renewable, oil & gas), retail and healthcare scenarios but the lessons learned can be leveraged by any organization looking to implement IoT. The paper may be most beneficial to IoT Business and Technical Decision Makers (i.e., OEM, ODM, SI, ISV, Solution providers, End-customers).

The findings are based on a number of executive discussions, customer interviews, an industry survey, internal sample data and desktop research of ongoing and completed IoT projects. The paper also includes several best practices from Microsoft, a leading provider of IoT technology and this paper‘s sponsor.

Selected insights:

  • 5 phases to structure your IoT solution development effort.
  • Key learnings from current IoT projects.
  • A high-level comparison of 8 major IoT vendors.
  • 3 Deep dives on crucial IoT aspects: security, interconnectivity, and manageability.
  • A detailed IoT case study highlighting the project approach and specific challenges.

At a glance:

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are primed to revolutionize the way we do business – but how will you approach IoT solution development at your company?

This white paper guides you through the IoT solution development process to accelerate your IoT endeavors, citing 16 examples from recent IoT projects across the 5 major phases of IoT Solution Development:

  1. Business case
  2. Build vs. Buy Decision
  3. Proof of Concept
  4. Piloting, and
  5. Commercial Deployment

In addition, a detailed infographic illustrating the journey towards successful implementation of IoT solutions is included:

The paper breaks down IoT solutions into 5 major layers and 15 components in order to further simplify the complexity of end-to-end IoT solutions.

To assist companies in better understanding the offerings of IoT Solution Vendors, the paper showcases a high-level comparison of 8 major IoT solution providers including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Intel, GE, Google, PTC and SAP.

The paper reveals that IoT projects are increasingly relying on existing out-of-the-box solutions and that most companies look to IoT cloud platforms to lead their solution development projects.

Additionally, the white paper discusses three areas that demand special attention when developing IoT solutions in detail: Security, Interoperability and Manageability as well as showcasing an IoT-enabled Automated Demand Response (ADR) solution blueprint.

In this study you will learn:

  • Which are the 5 layers that make up an end-to-end IoT Solution
  • Which questions to ask to understand your engineering requirements
  • Which vendors are primarily in the lead for developing IoT solutions
  • Why companies choose to go with out-of-the-box solutions
  • Why a strong partner ecosystem can be a differentiating factor

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Click below to download this comprehensive 30+ page white paper and detailed infographic for FREE:

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September 2016



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Table of Contents

White Paper – Guide to IoT Solution Development

1    Introduction
    1.1    The Internet of Things is transforming businesses and industries
    1.2    Demystifying the complexity in IoT Solution Development
    1.3    IoT Solution development – Status Quo
    1.4    Developing an IoT Solution in 5 Phases

2    PHASE 1: Developing a sound Business Case
    2.1    Learning 1: IoT Projects take much longer than anticipated
    2.2    Learning 2: Organizational & cultural change is often underestimated
    2.3    Learning 3: The necessary skills are often not available in-house

3    PHASE 2: Build vs. Buy and Vendor Evaluations
    3.1    Requirements Engineering – Understanding what is needed for your IoT Solution
    3.2    The Build vs. Buy decision
    3.3    The vendor selection
    3.4    Comparing key IoT Solution vendors

4    PHASES 3-5: Proof of Concept, Piloting and Commercial Deployment
    4.1    Security
    4.2    Interconnectivity
    4.3    Manageability


6    Conclusion