Industrial IoT Blockchain Market Report 2019-2023

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121-page industry market report examining the global Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market.

The report includes:
+ Technology breakdown of Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market solutions.
+ Scenario-based market sizing & outlook for 2019-2023
+ Scenario-based market sizing breakdown by region.
+ Business models implemented for Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market solutions.
+ 10 Detailed vendor profiles.
+ List of 38 real-world Industrial & IoT Blockchain deployments.
+ 6 Trends and 6 current challenges in adoption of Industrial & IoT Blockchain solutions.
+ 40+ Charts analyzing the market.
+ Market Data tables in Excel.
+ Competitive Landscape and 10 detailed vendor profiles.
+ Database classifying 140 Industrial & IoT Blockchain companies
+ And more

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Emerging Topics Report Series: Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market Report 2019-2023

The Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market Report 2019-2023 report is part of a larger effort of mapping global emerging topics such as blockchain, drones and others.

Read the corresponding blog post here.

Find out:

  • Which challenges the IoT is facing can be solved or partially solved by blockchain technology
  • How the combination between IoT and blockchain is happening in the market place
  • Which are the sectors in which that combination is more present, and which are the results
  • Which are the players working on the application of blockchain technology in IoT applications
  • Which are the challenges and the drivers of the market
  • At what stage the market is in terms of spending, investment, and competitive landscape
  • Which are the directions of expansions
  • And more

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At a glance:

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to transform businesses, economies and society, new technologies are increasingly being combined with IoT to explore the potential benefits.

In recent years, Blockchain technology has been hyped as the next revolutionary technology to enhance the IoT, especially in terms of security, privacy and trust mechanisms.

In this report, the distributed ledger technology is examined in detail to better understand the capabilities of the nascent technology and assess its application in real IoT settings across different industries. Furthermore, with 140 Industrial & IoT blockchain providers competing, it is becoming more and more challenging for companies to evaluate the market and select the best vendor for their business.

Leveraging an accurate understanding of the complex Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market will enable companies strategically position themselves to take advantage of the potential in combining blockchain and IoT solutions. The Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market is examined in detail for the period from 2018 to 2023. Worldwide market sizing is provided for 2018, and a five-year growth forecast for the market is presented for 2019–2023.

For this study, market sizing is based on 3 main assumptions:

  1. Companies exclusively focused on banking, finance, and insurance have been excluded in this analysis.
  2. Only a small portion of companies are currently realizing revenues with their blockchain solutions.
  3. During the period 2018-2020, the blockchain-IoT community remains mainly concentrated on pilot projects.

The Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market report includes 40+ market analysis charts such as global spending, regional split, as well as a list of 38 industrial & IoT blockchain deployments, 140 companies and a set of 6 market data tables.

IoT Analytics expects spending in the global Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market to grow at a CAGR of 27% from $174M today to become $573M opportunity by 2023 – driven by encouraging pilot project results and ongoing corporate investments. The comprehensive Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market report, the first in a series of Emerging Topics reports, examines worldwide deployment and spending, with segmentation analysis by region.

Additionally it further examines the market landscape of 140 players, including a market share analysis of the biggest Industrial & IoT Blockchain players globally and regionally.

Definition used for the Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market report:

Industrial & IoT blockchain refers to all contexts and environments in which there is a sensor landscape that gathers data with the goal to perform some actions. For the purpose of this report, it will be called Industrial & IoT-related blockchain sectors. Table 1 shows what is included and what is not included in that category.

Selected companies from the market report:

Accenture, Alibaba, Amazon, Ambrosus, Baidu, Blockfreight, Blockverify, Byteball, Chronicled, Cybervein, Everledger, Evrythng, Filament, Google, IBM, IoTA, Microsoft, Modum, Nano, Oracle, Provenance, SAP, Tencent.

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Publication date

January 2019


121 pages, 40+ charts, 10+ tables, 10 detailed vendor profiles, 38 projects, 140 companies, and more

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Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Industrial & IoT Blockchain Market 2019 – 2023
1 Executive Summary
2 Introduction
2.1 State of the IoT
2.2 IoT challenges today
2.3 Introduction to Blockchain Technology
2.4 Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Internet of Things
2.5 Objectives and Structure of this Report
3 Understanding Blockchain Technology
3.1 How Blockchain Works
3.2 Reaching Consensus on the Network
3.3 Transferring Digital Assets on the chain
3.4 How Smart Contracts Work
3.5 Blockchain Technology and the Internet of Things (IoT)
3.6 Deployment Considerations & Challenges
3.7 Layer 2 and DAG Technology
4 Industrial & IoT-Related Blockchain Projects
4.1 Global overview on blockchain projects
4.2 Industrial & IoT-related Blockchain Projects
4.2.1 Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain
4.2.2 Overview of Blockchain Technology in Smart City and Mobility
4.2.3 Overview of Blockchain Technology in Energy and Utility
4.2.4 Overview of Blockchain Technology in Manufacturing
4.2.5 Overview of Blockchain Technology in Other Sectors
4.2.6 Cross-vertical “Industrial & IoT” blockchain use cases
4.2.7 Lessons learned from the projects
5 Market Sizing & Outlook
5.1 Definition and Methodology
5.2 “Upper Limit” Scenario
5.2.1 Overall Market Size
5.2.2 Regional Analysis
5.3 “Lower Limit” Scenario
5.3.1 Overall Market Size
5.3.2 Regional Analysis
5.4 Consensus Market Scenario
6 Competitive Landscape
6.1 Classification of Stakeholders
6.1.1 Horizontal vs. Vertical
6.1.2 Blockchain-as-a-Service
6.2 Regional Analysis
6.3 Company Size Analysis
6.4 Market Shares
6.5 Blockchain Platforms and Infrastructures
6.5.1 Deep-dive: Ethereum
6.6 Leading Vendors
6.6.1-10 Vendor Profile 1 – 10
6.6.11 Other Pure play IoT & Blockchain vendors
6.6.12 Other vendors
6.7 Evolution of the Competitive Landscape
7 Market Drivers and Challenges
7.1 Market Drivers
7.2 Market Challenges
8 Business Models and Investment Dynamics
8.1 Blockchain-based Business Models
8.1.1 Role of Smart Contracts
8.1.2 Role of Autonomous Agents in Smart Contracts
8.1.3 Role of decentralization and edge computing
8.2 Financial Instruments in the Blockchain Community
8.3 Investment Analysis
8.4 M&A Activities
8.5 Modes of Entrepreneurship in Blockchain and the IoT
8.5.1 ICOs
8.5.2 Incubators / Accelerators
9 Future Directions & Trends
9.1 Blockchain technology and IoT platforms working together
9.2 The Convergence of IoT, blockchain, and AI
9.3 The Opportunity and the Threat of Quantum Computing