Industrial IT Update & Outlook 2021

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36-page assessment of global IT priorities & spending behavior in industrial end-markets. Including:

  • IT priorities (2020 actuals and 2021 outlook)
  • Overall IT spending (2020 actuals and 2021 outlook)
  • Overall IT spending on top 38 IT vendors (2020 actuals and 2021 outlook)
  • 21 themes that have gained importance post-Covid vs. pre-Covid
  • CEO discussion themes Q3/2020 (earnings call analysis)
  • Cloud adoption trends (26 enterprise applications; public vs. private, cloud-hosted vs. cloud-native)
  • And more …

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Industrial IT Outlook 2021

The Industrial IT Outlook 2021 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT Research Workstream).

The report provides an assessment of global IT priorities & spending behavior in industrial end-markets, including an outlook for 2021. It also includes an overview of hot topics discussed by CEOs, a view on adoption of enterprise applications in the cloud and an analysis of current cybersecurity themes. The insights are based on three different data sources:

1) Data set 1: A survey of 50 senior IT decision makers in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, hybrid manufacturing, energy, and transportation companies carried out in September / October 2020

2) Data set 2: A survey of 60 cybersecurity decision-makers conducted in July /August 2020.

3) Data set 3: A meta-analysis of earnings calls of 3,000 US-listed companies (July-September 2020)

The results of the first survey are discussed in chapters 2 and 3. The earnings call analysis is discussed in chapter 4 (CEO’s themes) followed by a view on cloud adoption (Survey 1) and cybersecurity (Survey 2) in chapter 5.

Related reading:

IoT Analytics published a blog post on “The top 5 IT priorities for 2021” which is derived from the report which can be viewed here.

Find out:

  • What the top IT priorities are right now and what are the top priorities expected to be in 2021
  • How much overall IT spending has changed in 2020 in comparison to 2019 and how it is expected to change in 2021
  • How spending is changing for the top 38 IT vendors
  • Which other themes have gained importance post-Covid
  • What CEOs discussed during Q3/2020
  • Which applications are expected to move to the cloud in the next 2 years and how
  • And more …

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At a glance:

The report provides a deep-dive into IT spending changes in 2020 and 2021 by region, size, and industry.
Key priorities and themes during and after Covid are shown by region and industry.
Key tech themes are identified across 3,000 earnings calls with CEOs and select supporting quotes are provided.
The cloud migration status of 26 different enterprise applications is contrasted.

About this report:

Industrial IT Outlook 2021 - About this report

Selected companies mentioned:

ABB, Accenture, Adobe, Apple, AT&T, Autodesk, AWS, Checkpoint, Cisco, Citrix, Comcast, Dell, Deloitte, Google, Honeywell, HP, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, NTT, Oracle, Palo Alto Networks,, Samsung, SAP, Schneider Electric, ServiceNow, Siemens, Splunk, Symantec, TCS, Top tier consulting (McK, BCG, Bain), Verizon, VMWare, Workday, Zscaler, and more…


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November 2020


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Table of Contents

1. Executive summary & survey audience
2. Global IT spending update 2020 & forecast for 2021
3. IT strategies & priorities going into 2021
4. CEO themes
5. View on cloud adoption & cybersecurity
6. Appendix