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This list is aimed at IoT professionals who are active in IoT strategy, M&A target search, competitor analysis, etc.

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The Internet of Things company list 2015

The Internet of Things company list 2015 is a structured repository of 2000+ companies that are selling Internet of Things enabled products, play a vital part in the IoT technology infrastructure, or act as an enabler to the Internet of Things development.

SAMPLE of the database: IoT company database March 2015 vf – SAMPLE

  • The list includes 1050+ startups, 460+ SMEs, and 300+ MNCs
  • 56% of the IoT companies are in North America, 30% in Europe, 11% in Asia and 3% in RoW
  • 340+ of the companies are publicly-listed
  • 800+ of the companies market their own IoT-enabled devices, 300+ of the companies manufacture hardware components (semiconductors, sensors, or communication hardware), and 550+ of the companies provide software (analytics, storage, IoT platforms, OS)
  • 360+ of the companies are specifically active in smart home / home automation, 260+ in Wearables, 80+ in Connected cars, 80+ in Industrial, 100+ in Smart Cities, and 150+ in Connected Health. The majority of the companies does not have a specific vertical focus and is active in a number of segments (not counted above).

The Internet of Things company list is specifically suited for the following topics:

  • M&A target search
  • IoT strategy / business case development
  • Go-to-market / market entry strategy
  • Customer / Vendor selection
  • Sector scan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment opportunity search

The list of IoT companies is structured along the following dimensions:

  • General information (company name, description, type and location)
  • Technology focus (Semiconductors, Sensors, Operating Systems, Analytics, Platform, Database, etc.)
  • Segment focus (Home, Lifestyle, Health, Mobility, Retail, Energy, Smart City, Industrial, etc.)
  • Enablement focus (Funding, Technology research, market research, distribution, consulting, incubation, etc.)
  • Further information (Founding date – only partially available, total funding – only partially available, ticker symbol, further comments, etc.)

In our view, this Internet of Things company list represents the most comprehensive and structured database of IoT companies on the market. All companies were double-checked and verified. However, this list does not claim to be complete.

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April 2015

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