IoT Company Ranking – Q3/Q4 2015


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The Internet of Things has become a topic of major strategic importance for many different companies.

Find out which companies have the largest global reach and which companies generate most revenues in this exciting new field of technology. Click below to download the ranking for free.

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) begins transforming businesses, economies and society, some companies are emerging as the early leaders in the overall IoT ecosystem.

In this edition of the quarterly IoT company ranking we examine the current landscape of leading IoT companies, how much revenue they generate, how much awareness they create and how much these companies really do.


  • Four companies are emerging as IoT leaders: Intel in the semiconductor space, IBM and Microsoft in the platform/
    analytics space and Cisco in the connectivity space. Intel is reclaiming the top spot in the ranking.
  • The big tech names Google, Apple, and also Facebook are losing ground in the ranking as these companies continue
    to focus more on their core business, rather than on IoT.
  • In terms of self-reported revenues, General Electric, is the clear leader with $5B in sales forecasted for FY2015. The
    IoT company ranking, however, does not mirror this clear leadership position that GE is claiming.
  • Asian companies are starting to rise in the ranks with LG, NEC, and Huawei joining Samsung in the top 20 ranking.
  • Computer companies Hewlett Packard and Dell are making strong gains compared to the last rankings but the IoT
    efforts of these companies are more buzz than actual doing for now.

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December 2015