IoT Platforms Company Landscape 2020

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This report contains 2 documents:

  • A. IoT Platforms Competitive Landscape Report 2020
  • B. Global IoT Platforms Database 2020

IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - coverpage

A. The IoT Platform Competitive Landscape 2020 helps executives gain an understanding of the different Internet of Things platforms across various geographies and industry verticals. The 70-page report provides insights on the Global IoT Platforms Landscape including:

  • Market share 2019 analysis for leading vendors
  • Market share by platform type
  • Meta-analysis of all 600+ IoT Platforms (market breakdown by industry, tech-stack, region, country, city, and case studies analysis)
  • Capability overview of leading vendors
  • IoT Platform trends & recent news
  • And More

IoT Platform Companies Database 2020-min

B. The Global IoT Platform Companies Database 2020 of 620 companies is structured along the following dimensions (40+ columns):

  • General company information (company name, platform description, URL, company type, platform name and HQ location)
  • Platform type (application enablement, device management, advanced analytics, cloud storage/IaaS, Telco connectivity backend, Asset/edge connectivity)
  • Other IoT technologies offered (Processors/Semiconductors, Communication hardware, Developer Tools, Analytics, etc.)
  • Segment focus (Industrial/Manufacturing, Energy, Supply chain, Automotive, Smart Home, etc.)
  • Further information (founding date, case studies, partner ecosystem, revenue estimates ranges, etc. )

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IoT Platforms Competitive Landscape & Database 2020

The IoT Platforms Competitive Landscape & Database 2020 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT Platforms.

The information presented here includes a detailed competitive landscape report and a comprehensive company database, which is a structured repository classifying 600+ IoT Platforms that focus on providing solutions for the Internet of Things and includes revenue & market share estimates for 620 IoT Platform vendors.

The report and database are based on several months of analysis (August 2019 to December 2019) that involved extensive research to compile and classify a detailed data set of IoT Platforms.

Read the corresponding blog post here.

Questions answered in this report:

  • How many IoT Platforms are in the global market and who are they?
  • Which IoT Platforms have the largest market share?
  • What is the market share breakdown by IoT platform type?
  • Which segment do individual IoT Platforms focus on?
  • What type of IoT technology do individual IoT Platforms focus on (on a high level e.g., Application Enablement, Cloud Storage/IaaS, Device Management, Advanced Analytics, Telco Connectivity, Asset/Edge connectivity)?
  • What are some of the recent platform trends and news?

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Database Structure – IoT Platform Companies List 2020

  • General Information
    • Company Name
    • Platform Description
    • URL
    • Company Type
    • Platform Name
    • Location (City, State, Country, Region)
  • Platform Capabilities
    • Application Enablement
    • Device Management
    • Cloud Storage/IaaS
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Asset/Edge connectivity
    • Telco Connectivity backend
  • Other IoT Technologies Offered
    • Processors / Semiconductors
    • Sensors
    • Communication Hardware
    • Operating Systems
    • Developer Tools
    • Complete IoT-enabled Products
  • Segment Focus
    • Consumer – Home
    • Consumer – Lifestyle
    • Consumer – Health
    • Consumer – Mobility
    • Business – Retail
    • Business – Agriculture
    • Business – Health
    • Business – Energy
    • Business – Mobility
    • Business – Smart Buildings
    • Business – Smart Cities
    • Business – Telecom
    • Business – Enterprise
    • Business – Manufacturing / Industry
    • Business – Supply Chain
    • Business – Public Sector
    • Business – Finance
    • Other business
  • Further Information
    • Founded
    • IoT Platform Operating Since
    • URL for Case Studies
    • Key Customers
    • Partner Ecosystem
    • Estimated Externally Generated IoT Platform Revenue 2019 (USD)
    • Comments

The Global IoT Platforms Companies Database 2020 is specifically suited for:

  • M&A target search
  • IoT strategy / business case development
  • Go-to-market / market entry strategy
  • Customer / Vendor selection
  • Sector scan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment opportunity search

At a glance:

The aim of this report is to enhance transparency of the overall IoT Platforms market, provide a detailed competitive landscape, classify the technological capabilities of each IoT Platform on a high-level, identify the main segments each platform targets and put a valid ranking in place that shows which are the “leading” platforms based on revenue & market share. The report identifies 620 active IoT platform companies.


IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - 620 platforms-min

Furthermore, the report provides analysis of the IoT platform companies database by industry, tech stack, region, country, city, and by number of case studies.


IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - by industry-min

The report provides a market share analysis of the leading vendors, breaking down their revenue by platform type. Furthermore, revenue estimates for all 620 IoT Platforms are included in the database.



IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - by share-min

In addition, the report takes an in-depth look at the technology capabilities of the leading vendors providing a 2-page company profile. finally, the report highlights market trends and recent news in the IoT Platforms market.




IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - profile-min

Definition of IoT Platforms: 

IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - Criteria-min

Table of contents:

IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - ToC-min

Selected companies:

Alibaba, AWS, Bosch,, Cisco, Ericsson, GE, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, Relayr, Samara, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, Software AG, Telit, Uptake, and 600 more…

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Additional information

Publication date

December 2019


70 page competitive landscape report including a database of 600+ IoT Platform companies

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+49 (0) 40-63911891

Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

IoT Platforms Competitive Landscape & Database 2020

1. Executive Summary

2 Introduction to IoT Platforms
2.1 New software category
2.2 6 IoT Platform layers
2.3 IoT Platform database inclusion criteria
2.4 IoT Platform database overview
2.5 Tech Stack explanation
2.6 IoT Platform database description
2.7 Aim of this study

3 Market shares 2019
3.1 General market observations
3.2 IoT Platform market size
3.3 IoT Platfrom market growth
3.4 Global market shares 2019 by vendor
3.5 Global market shares 2019 by platform type

4 Meta analysis of all 600+ IoT Platforms
4.1 IoT Platform market development
4.2 Market breakdown by region
4.3 Market breakdown by country
4.4 Market breakdown by city
4.5 Market breakdown by tech stack
4.6 Market breakdown by industry
4.7 Market breakdown by number of case studies

5 Leading Vendors – Capability Overview
Leading vendors – Capability overview
5.1 Overview
5.2 Vendor X
5.3 Vendor X
5.4 Vendor X
5.5 Vendor X
5.6 Vendor X
5.7 Vendor X
5.8 Vendor X
5.9 Vendor X
5.10 Vendor X
5.11 Vendor X
5.12 Vendor X
5.13 Cloud vendor capabilities

6 IoT Platform recent news & trends
6.1 Strategic importance
6.2 General trends
6.2 Biggest IoT Platform investment area
6.3 New features

7 Definitions, Methodology & Appendix
7.1 Market defintions & methodology
7.2 Additional reading: IoT Platforms End user satisfaction survey

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