IoT Platforms: Market Report 2015-2021


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70-page industry report detailing the $1.6B IoT platform market including:

  • + Market forecast 2015 to 2021 by region and by segment
  • + Market shares of leading companies
  • + 12 detailed company profiles
  • + 2016 List of 360+ platform companies
  • + Industry trends analysis
  • + M&A and funding analysis
  • + More


IoT Platforms – Market Report 2015-2021

IoT Platforms are emerging as the central backbone in the overall IoT infrastructure.


  • + How the market (revenue) is developing in 46 countries in the world
  • + How the market (revenue) is developing in 10 key segments
  •     (Connected car, Connected health, Home, Manufacturing, Other, Public services, Retail, Smart city, Supply Chain, Wearables )
  • + Who the emerging 15 market leaders are (market share)
  • + How IoT platforms are being implemented today (7 use cases)
  • + What the 5 current main trends are
  • + How the 12 leading IoT Platforms compare (not included in Standard License)
  • + Rationales of the latest M&A transactions
  • + Relevant Startup funding rounds


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The emerging IoT Platform market continues to exhibit strong momentum as businesses accelerate their transformation into IoT data-driven companies. This momentum is driving strong growth in IoT Platform-related hardware, software and integration services for connected business solutions.

IoT Platforms Market 2015 - 2021 Teaser

This study outlines the $1.6B IoT Platform market by region, segment, and platform provider. It examines (expected) revenue of the leading IoT Platform providers in greater detail across 10 vertical-industry segments and 7 regions with deep dives into North America, Europe and Asia.

To better understand the market players 12 of the top IoT platform providers are profiled, corresponding market share is estimated and 90 other notable contenders are outlined. The study also describes the top 5 trends affecting IoT platforms as the fast growing market is being transformed by increasing M&A and funding activity (see Report Structure below).

IoT Platforms Market 2015 - 2021 Market share

IoT Platforms Market 2015 - 2021 by region

IoT Platforms Market 2015 - 2021 by segment

IoT Platforms Market 2015 - 2021 Sanitized Company Profile


The term “IoT Platform” is often used ambiguously.

This report focuses on IoT application enablement platforms. IoT application enablement platforms are used to build IoT solutions and typically consist of elements such as Device connectivity & normalization, device management, database, processing & action management, analytics, visualization, additional tools, and external interfaces.

The following types of platforms are NOT CONSIDERED an IoT platform (and are not part of this report):

  • Connectivity / M2M platforms. Platforms that enable the management of SIM-cards or similar connectivity solutions without focusing on the application enablement for the actual IoT data.
  • IaaS backends. Infrastructure-as-a-service backends that solely focus on the hosting and processing of applications and services.
  • Hardware-specific software backends. Platforms that support just one proprietary type of IoT device that are not targeting external customers.
  • Consumer/Enterprise software extensions. Existing enterprise software packages and operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10 are currently not classified as full-scale IoT platforms even though these systems are increasingly allowing the integration of IoT devices.

COMPANIES MENTIONED (Selection – the report contains more)

2lemetry, Accenture, Amazon, Analog Devices, Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Arrayent, Artik, AT&T, Ayla Networks, Autodesk, Axeda, BlackBerry, Blacksumac, Bosch, Carriots, Cisco, CloudPlugs, Davra Networks, Ericsson, Evrythng, GE, Good Technologies, Google, Greenwave Systems, Huawei, IBM, iControl Networks, Jasper, LogMeIn, Microsoft, Mnubo, Motorola, Murata, myDevices, Nokia, Oracle, Qualcomm, Predix, ProSyst, PTC, PubNub, Relayr,, Samsung, SAP, SeeControl, Siemens, SmartThings, ThingWorx, Verizon, Vuforia, Wipro,, Xively, Zebra Technologies.


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Additional information

Publication date

January 2016


70 pages, 33 exhibits

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+49 (0) 40-63911891

Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Industry Overview

  • a. The role of IoT platforms within the Internet of Things.
  • b. IoT platforms: A new market segment – not just a natural evolution.
  • c. The role of IoT platforms in overall IoT solutions.
  • d. Technology: The 8 major building blocks of an IoT platform.
  • e. Market segmentation: 3 lenses to look at IoT platforms.
  • f. Seven leading IoT platform use cases demonstrate the value of IoT platforms.

2. IoT Platform Market Analysis

  • a. Market characteristics overview
  • b. Market size & growth: A $1.6B market by 2021
  • c. Market size by segment: Manufacturing leading the way
  • d. Market share of platform provider companies: PTC emerging as overall leader
  • e. Market size by geography: USA biggest single-country market

3. IoT Platform Companies: Strategies & Profiles

  • a. Market entry: 4 major strategies to enter the IoT platforms market
  • b. Company profiles and SWOT analysis of 12 leading IoT platforms.
  • c. M&A: Acitivity is picking up
  • d. Funding: IoT Platform startup funding exceeding $450M
  • e. Main billing/pricing structures: Building on the freemium model
  • f. IoT platform provider’s internal structure and partner relationships.

4. Innovation & Trends

  • a. IoT platform innovation.
  • b. The top 5 trends in the IoT platforms market.
  • c. Major obstacles for further market expansion

5. Methodology & Definitions

6. Appendix

List of exhibits

  • Exhibit 1: Central building blocks of IoT – IoT platforms are part of the central software backend in the IoT infrastructure.
  • Exhibit 2: Cloud Native Application Development in IoT Platforms
  • Exhibit 3: Simplified IoT Project Timeline – Developing your own (medium complex) IoT project could easily double time-to-market.
  • Exhibit 4: The eight major building blocks of an IoT Platform (Source IoT Analytics)
  • Exhibit 5: IoT Platform Technology Levels – From the IoT connectivity platform (level 1) to the full-scale platform (level 3)
  • Exhibit 6: IoT Platform Market Size Forecast 2015 – 2021.
  • Exhibit 7: IoT Platform Market Size by Segment 2015 – 2021.
  • Exhibit 8: IoT Platform Market Share by platoform provider/companies in 2015.
  • Exhibit 9: IoT Platform Market Size by Geography 2015 – 2021.
  • Exhibit 10: IoT Platform Market Size Deep-dive Forecast for Asia 2015 – 2021.
  • Exhibit 11: IoT Platform Market Size Deep-dive Forecast for Europe 2015 – 2021 .
  • Exhibit 12: IoT Platform Market Size Deep-dive Forecast for North America 2015 – 2021.
  • Exhibit 13: Leading IoT Platform companies for the major IoT segments
  • Exhibit 14-25: Company Profiles – Top 12 leading IoT Platform companies
  • Exhibit 26: IoT Platform M&A Activity
  • Exhibit 27: IoT Platform Funding Activity
  • Exhibit 28: IoT Platform Billing/pricing Models
  • Exhibit 29: Fog Computing – Top 5 IoT Trends
  • Exhibit 30: IoT Security – Top 5 IoT Trends
  • Exhibit 31: IoT Analytics bridges the gap from data to insights – Top 5 IoT Trends
  • Exhibit 32: IoT Standards are continuosly evolving – Top 5 IoT Trends
  • Exhibit 33: IoT Interoperability will fuel an ecosystem – Top 5 IoT Trends
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