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The IoT Security Companies List 2017 helps executives gain an understanding of the different IoT Security vendors across various geographies and industry verticals. The list of 150 companies is structured along the following dimensions (60 columns):

  • General company information (company name, description, URL, operating geographic presence, headquarters location)
  • Technology focus area (device, communication, cloud, lifecycle management, other) broken down into 20+ subsections
  • Segment focus (Industrial/Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare, Automotive, Smart Home, etc.) covering 12 verticals in total
  • Financing information (funding, investors, acquisitions) if available
  • Further information including number of employees, email/telephone contact and more…

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The 2017 List of IoT Security Companies is a structured repository of 150 companies that are offering Internet of Things security solutions. The list includes:

  • 150 companies, across 60 sets of information
  • 12 industry segments, including companies from 17 different countries

​Find out:

The 2017 IoT Security database includes the following insights:

  • Ranking of IoT security vendors by revenue
  • Information on IoT security capabilities for each vendor across four layers:
    • Device layer
    • Communication layer
    • Cloud layer
    • Lifecycle management
  • Valuable business insights for each vendor:
    • Estimated vendor revenue
    • Financing information such as funding, investors, acquisitions (if available)
    • Link to the companies’ security product example
  • Separate charts highlighting key takeaways including a breakdown of IoT security companies by technology product offering:

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The company list is specifically suited for IoT Security focused:

  • M&A target search
  • Strategy / business case development
  • Go-to-market / market entry strategy
  • Customer / Vendor selection
  • Landscape / Sector scan
  • Competitive analysis / benchmarking
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment opportunity search

Database Structure – IoT Security Companies List 2017

  • General Information
    • Company Name
    • Company Description
    • URL
    • Operating Geographic Presence (North America, EMEA, APAC, Latin America)
    • Headquarters Location (City, State, Country)
  • Technology Focus Area
    • Device layer (Physical security, Data at Rest, Chip security, Secure Boot, Device authentication, Device Identity Management)
    • Communication layer (Access Management, Network firewall / IPS / IDS, E2E encryption)
    • Cloud layer (Data at Rest & Data Loss Protection, Cloud Platform Security & Application Integrity, Unified threat management)
    • Lifecycle management (Update & Patch management, Risk assessment, Policy Enforcement & Auditing, Vendor Control, Activity Monitoring, Secure decommissioning, User Awareness Assessment & training)
    • Other (Consulting, Prof. Services, Testing, Training, Other technology)
  • Segment Focus
    • Connected car
    • B2C – Wearables and other consumer IoT
    • Government, public services, defense & military
    • Energy, power, oil & gas
    • Healthcare / medical devices
    • Industrial / manufacturing
    • Retail / hospitality
    • Smart cities, smart buildings
    • B2C – Smart Home
    • Supply chain, logistics
    • Transportation, rail, avionics, aerospace
    • Other business
  • Financing Information (if available)
    • Total Funding
    • Number Of Funding Rounds
    • Lead investor
    • Investments / acquisitions
  • Further Information (if available)
    • Founded
    • Founders
    • Employees
    • Email
    • Telephone
    • IoT Security Revenue Estimate (USD$M)
    • Acquired / Subsidiary Comment
    • Notable IoT security partnerships
    • IoT Security Product Example

In our view, this IoT Security companies list represents the most comprehensive and structured database of IoT Security companies on the market. All companies were double-checked and verified. However, this list does not claim to be complete.

For more info on IoT security from our research stream, look out for our IoT Security Market Report 2017-2022 due out in August 2017.

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