List Of 1,600 Enterprise IoT Projects


The List of 1,600 Enterprise IoT Projects helps executives gain an understanding of the different Internet of Things applications and case studies across various geographies and industry verticals. The list is structured along the following 6 dimensions (total of 98 columns):

  • IoT Project Details
  • Information on the end-user of the IoT Solution
  • Value Proposition
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • IoT Classification
  • Additional information

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IoT Project List: Database Of Enterprise IoT Projects 2018

The IoT Project List Of Enterprise IoT Projects 2018 is a structured repository of 1,600 real projects that are ongoing or have been successfully completed and can be classified as Internet of Things implementations in non-consumer settings.


Analysis of the 1,600 IoT Projects in the list (Segmented by IoT Segment and Location)

– The list includes  45% projects in the Americas, 23% in Smart City environments and 17% in Connected Industry.
All of the database entries are linked to an official source
More than 670 IoT Hardware, Software and Connectivity vendors identified as part of these projects

The IoT Projects list is specifically suited for the following topics:

– IoT strategy / business case development
– Go-to-market / market entry strategy
– Customer / Vendor selection
– Sector scan
– Competitive analysis


Single User License

$999 1,600 enterprise IoT projects
    • 1 Named user

    • Complete database in EXCEL

Team User License

$1,299 1,600 enterprise IoT projects in EXCEL,
32-page PDF research summary
    • 1-5 Named users

    • Complete database in EXCEL
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Enterprise Premium License

$1,999 1,600 enterprise IoT projects in EXCEL,
32-page PDF research summary
    • Unlimited users in your organization within the country of purchase
    • Complete database in EXCEL
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The list of 1,600 IoT Projects is structured along the following dimensions (98 columns):

  • IoT Project Details (Name, Industry, Location, Description, Link to the source)
  • Information on the end-user of the IoT Solution (Name, Industry, URL, Country, Description)
  • Value Proposition (Revenue, Costs, Safety or other benefits achieved with the project)
  • IoT Infrastructure (Known Hardware, Software, and Connectivity providers involved, Type of connectivity used)
  • IoT Classification (General category e.g., Smart City, and subcategory e.g., Traffic management)
  • Additional info (General details e.g., estimated project start date/phase/size, and generic contact details if available: name, email, telephone)

In our view, this IoT project list represents the most comprehensive and structured database of enterprise IoT projects on the market. All projects were double-checked and verified. However, this list does not claim to be complete.









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