Predictive Maintenance Market Report 2017-22


UPDATED version available: Predictive Maintenance Report 2019-2024

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139-page industry report detailing the $10.96B Predictive Maintenance market including:

  • Market forecast 2017 to 2022
  • Market breakdown in 7 technology areas and 13 industries
  • 47 real world use cases
  • 2017 List of 100+ Predictive Maintenance providers
  • 10 detailed company profiles
  • Main industry and M&A trends analysis
  • Business Model analysis
  • And More




Predictive Maintenance: Market Report 2017-2022 

UPDATED version available: Predictive Maintenance Report 2019-2024

Predictive Maintenance is emerging as the core Industrial IoT use case. Read the corresponding press release HERE.


  • How the market is developing in 13 key industries
    (Automotive & Transport, Buildings, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Energy, Healthcare, Machinery, Metals & Mining, Oil&Gas, Discrete Other, Pulp & Paper, Water & Wastewater, Other )
  • How Predictive Maintenance solutions are being implemented today (11 detailed use cases and list of 36 others)
  • What the 6 current main trends are
  • How the 10 leading Predictive Maintenance companies compare and how they fit into the landscape of 110 PdM technology vendors
  • Patterns and rationales of the latest M&A transactions
  • Regional Market Split for 2016
  • How OEMs monetize Predictive Maintenance and what the corresponding services look like


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The emerging market for Predictive Maintenance shows increasing growth as maintenance strategies move from what has been known as Condition-based Maintenance to Analytics- and IoT-enabled Predictive Maintenance. The transition toward Predictive Maintenance is mostly driven by new IoT platforms, low-cost secure cloud storage as well as analytics vendors that offer dynamic data models play.

predictive maintenance market

This report outlines the $10.96B Predictive Maintenance market by segment. It examines current and expected spending for Predictive Maintenance solutions in greater detail across 13 vertical-industry segments and 7 technology areas.

Predictive Maintenance market report segments

To better understand the market players 10 of the top Predictive Maintenance providers are profiled and a List of 100+ companies in the field is included. The study also describes the top 6 trends and main challenges affecting Predictive Maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance Company Profile

The report presents 47 use cases and provides a deep-dive into 11 specific examples of Predictive Maintenance currently in the market.

Predictive Maintenance Use Case

Comparison to other maintenance approaches are outlined to highlight the benefits of connected Predictive Maintenance solutions, focussing especially on the differences between Condition-based Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance.

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Table of contents

Predictive Maintenance Report Agenda

Preface: Moving from Preventive Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance Market Report - Page 10

Predictive Maintenance Definition

Predictive Maintenance Market Report - Page 11

Comparison to other maintenance approaches

Predictive Maintenance Market Report - Page 13



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Additional information

Publication date

March 2017


132 pages

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+49 (0) 40-63911891

Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
1. Introduction to Predictive Maintenance

  • 1.1 Definition & Disambiguation
  • 1.2 Role in IoT & I4.0
  • 1.3 Benefits of employing PdM
  • 1.4 PdM application areas
  • 1.5 PdM process
  • 1.6 Technology stack

2. Market Size & Outlook

  • 2.1 Total Market
  • 2.2 General Market
  • 2.3 Market by Technology
  • 2.4 Market by Industry
  • 2.5 Market by Region

3. Competitive Landscape

  • 3.1 Overview
  • 3.2 List of Vendors
  • 3.3 Company Profiles
  • 3.4 M&A Patterns
  • 3.5 M&A Activity Log
  • 3.6 M&A Examples

4. Business Models & Use Cases

  • 4.1 Business model observations
  • 4.2 Selected market strategies
  • 4.3 Use Case deep-dive
  • 4.4 Further use cases

5. Trends & Challenges

  • 5.1 Trending Topics
  • 5.2 The Future of Services
  • 5.3 Challenges & Barriers
  • 5.4 PdM Research

6. Methodology & Definitions

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