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State of Tech Employment Spring 2024

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An 85-page report detailing the current landscape of tech-related jobs, demand, shortages, and hiring trends.
Document type: PDF, PPTX
Published: March 2024
Main author: Philipp Wegner
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About the report

The State of Tech Employment Spring 2024 report is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT and related technology markets. The report is based on the extensive gathering of information relating to the demand for 65+ types of tech expertise and the hiring intensity of 450+ companies from leading HR platforms. The main purpose of this document is to help our readers understand the current landscape of hiring and skill demand.

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Table of Contents

State of Tech Employment Spring 2024 (PDF)

  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Demand for tech expertise and competencies
    1. a. Q1/2024 demand: Overview
    2. b. Q1/2024 demand: AI/ML
    3. c. Q1/2024 demand: IoT
    4. d. Q1/2024 demand: Connectivity
    5. e. Q1/2024 demand: Cloud
    6. f. Q1/2024 demand: Coding and other
  4. Hiring
    1. a. Overview
    2. b. Electronics
    3. c. Industrial automation
    4. d. Telecommunications
    5. e. Software
    6. f. Automotive and transport
    7. g. Consulting
    8. h. Deep dive: AI
    9. i. Other
  5. Tech layoffs
  6. Appendix


Dimitris Paraskevopoulos, Philipp Wegner, Zeynep Kaman

Questions answered

  • Which types of tech expertise are in demand?
  • How did the demand for AI, IoT, and cloud-related expertise change during the last two years?
  • What are the reasons for the tech-related labor shortage?
  • What competencies are in demand in tech-related job postings?
  • How much are companies in different industries hiring?
  • Which companies have the highest hiring intensity right now?
  • How have layoffs changed since 2021?
  • Which tech companies have had recent layoffs in for what roles?

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