New Research on 1,600 Enterprise IoT Projects: Upsurge in Smart City and Connected Building Related IoT Projects

The 2018 database of Enterprise IoT projects contains extensive information on 1,600 real IoT use cases, including details on project location, industry, end-user as well as key vendors involved in each project.

Hamburg, Germany – 25 JAN 2018 //

IoT Analytics, a leading provider of market insights and strategic business intelligence for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), today published a comprehensive IoT project database, focusing on non-consumer IoT use cases.

The new project database itemizes 1,600 publicly announced IoT case studies in greater detail across 10 major segments covering applications in 70+ countries worldwide. More than 760 IoT vendors are identified as either hardware, software, or connectivity providers for these projects.


IoT case studies which are part of Smart City initiatives make up the largest part of identified projects (23%), followed by projects implemented in Industrial settings (17%) and projects evolving around Connected Buildings (12%).

Most identified projects are set in North America (43%), however, Europe (35%) and Asia Pacific (16%) also play an important role.

The database entails only Internet of Things use cases which have in fact been realized or are currently being completed. In the majority of projects, the end-user can be identified by name and a link to an online project description is available. All information is presented in a structured form, allowing for a wide range of further analyses and deep-dives.

In conjunction with the list, IoT Analytics also published a 32-page research summary document, detailing the most important findings of the IoT project research and contrasting the numbers to a similar study performed in 2016.

Commenting on the findings, IoT Analytics Managing Director Knud Lasse Lueth said: “The total number of IoT projects, that our research team could identify, has surged from 640 to 1,600 in just 18 months. We believe the list provides a candid overview on where the Internet of Things as a whole stands today. New IoT projects are emerging across the board, however we have noted that projects centered on the themes of Smart City and Smart Building have increased more than others. Make no mistake though, less than one fifth of these projects have been identified as large-scale deployments. Many of the projects are small to medium size in nature with some just in pilot or PoC stage.”

The List of 1,600 Enterprise IoT Projects is available to purchase HERE.

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Database Structure – List Of 1,600 Enterprise IoT Projects

The IoT use case database is structured along the following 5 dimensions

  • IoT Use Case Detail – General information about the IoT use case (description, industry, location and link to more information).
  • End user /company IoT solution – Information about the company employing IoT (description, industry, homepage and location) and type (end user or IoT solution vendor).
  • Value proposition of IoT deployment for the company (e.g., classified as revenue, cost, safety, other and description of results, if available).
  • IoT infrastructure – name of vendor(s) involved in the project (e.g., companies providing hardware, software, connectivity and other for respective project) and type of connectivity.
  • IoT use case classification – differentiating between 10 distinct IoT types (e.g. Smart City or Connected Industry) and a set of 56 subtypes.
  • Additional info – Basic project info including start date (year) of the project, the project phase (e.g., pilot or full deployment), the project size and generic contact details (e.g., email, telephone, name).

IoT vendors mentioned (selected vendors only):

ABB, Accenture, Advantech, Aeris, Amazon, Arrayent, AT&T, Ayla Networks, Autodesk, Blip Systems, Bosch, Carriots, C3 IoT, Cisco Jasper, Dell, Digi International, Deutsche Telekom, Echelon, Ericsson, Eurotech, Evrythng, eWON, GE, Geotab, Gemalto, Google, HMS Industrial Networks, Huawei, IBM, Impinj, Intel, Kore Telematics, Libelium, LoRA, Microsoft, Numerex, Oracle, Qualcomm, PTC, Relayr, Rockwell Automation, Samsung, SAP, Schneider Electric, Semtech, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, SIGFOX, Silver Spring Networks, Software AG, Telefonica, Telit Communications, Verizon, Vodafone.


For further comments or more information on this press release, please contact: Thomas Meier, Market Analyst, IoT Analytics

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