Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report 2021–2026

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135-page report on the current state and trends of the IoT cloud computing market, including:

  • Detailed overview and explanation of the 6 main public cloud building blocks and their relevance for the IoT (infrastructure, runtime software, platform services, applications, management, and services)
  • Competitive landscape analysis for the leading hyperscalers, including an analysis of more than 250 IoT case studies and the cloud services used
  • Market sizing of the public cloud market for IoT PaaS and IoT IaaS, including a forecast to 2026 and a breakdown by country and segment
  • 24 public cloud reference architectures for common IoT use cases (e.g., AWS asset condition monitoring reference architecture, Microsoft connected vehicle reference architecture)
  • 7 recent trends and developments in the cloud market for IoT
  • A separate project database in Excel with 130+ IoT cloud projects, including a project description, industry, sources, involved companies, IoT cloud components used in the case study, vendors, and estimated size of the project
  • And more

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Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report 2021–2026

The IoT Cloud Computing Market Report 2021–2026 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT software and platforms. The information presented in this report is based on the results of multiple surveys and secondary and qualitative research, i.e., interviews with 20 cloud experts from vendors to end users between July 2020 and October 2021. The document includes definitions for (IoT) cloud computing, market projections, adoption drivers, competitive landscapes, key trends and developments, and case studies.

The main purpose of this document is to help our readers understand the current IoT cloud computing landscape by defining, sizing, and analyzing the market.

Please note: This report is a deep dive on IoT in the public cloud. A general cloud report can be found here.


Questions answered in this report:

  • How big is the IoT Cloud computing market and how fast it is growing across the following dimensions?
    • By type: IoT PaaS vs. IoT IaaS
    • By vertical (13 segments)
    • By country/region (57 countries)
  • What are some of the main trends and developments in the IoT cloud market?
  • How big are the major hyperscalers in the IoT cloud segment?
  • What do typical IoT public cloud architectures look like?
  • What do IoT public cloud architectures look like in specific projects?
  • And more

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Cloud Computing & Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report
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  • Complete market report in PDF (Cloud Computing for IoT)
  • Market model data in EXCEL (Cloud Computing)
  • Market model data in EXCEL (Cloud Computing for IoT)
  • IoT cloud projects list 2021 in EXCEL
  • Complete market report in PPT (Cloud Computing)
  • Complete market report in PPT (Cloud Computing for IoT)
  • 1 hour discussion with the analyst team

At a glance:

The report compares the typical IoT cloud setup to the overall tech stack of cloud computing. Each part of the tech stack is defined and put into context. The main products of each of the top 3 hyperscalers (AWS, Microsoft, Google) are depicted.

Tech stack cloud computing
Public cloud building blocks - definition and examples
The report provides insights into the offerings, market shares, and key customers’ industries of the leading hyperscalers and gives an overview of the competitive landscape.
Cloud Computing for IoT Competitive Landscape
The estimated revenue of the offered services is shown for each of the top 3 hyperscalers and put into comparison.
Cloud Computing for IoT - Case study
Publicly available case studies are analyzed and quantified.
Cloud Computing for IoT - Case study 2
The report includes a market sizing of the IoT portion of the public cloud market, including a forecast to 2026 and a breakdown by regions and segments.
Total IoT Cloud Spending IoT IaaS IoT PaaS by component
17 detailed case studies of end users show the vendors and the architectures in use.
Cloud Computing for IoT - Case study X
A dedicated chapter highlights 23 reference architectures that can act as blueprints for different IoT use cases, e.g., connected car and remote monitoring.
Reference architecture use case

A database of known IoT projects using the public cloud is included as a separate file.

IoT Cloud Projects List 2021

​Selected companies from the report:

Alibaba, Alphabet (Google), AWS (Amazon), Microsoft, Salesforce, VMWare , and more.

Related Reading:

IoT Analytics’ blog post “The IoT cloud: Microsoft Azure vs. AWS vs. Google Cloud” is derived from the report.

Cloud Computing for IoT Market Report 2021-2026 - Table of contents
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    Publication date

    February 2022


    Knud Lasse Lueth, Philipp Wegner, Mohammad Hasan


    135-page report detailing the role of the public cloud in IoT application scenarios, including competitive landscape, key trends, adoption, and more

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    Table of Contents

    Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 (PDF)

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
      1. 2.1 Definition of Cloud
      2. 2.2 Definition and Scope of Cloud for IoT
      3. 2.3 Public Cloud Building Blocks
      4. 2.3.1 Overview of 31 Building Blocks
      5. 2.3.2 Definitions and Examples for each Building Block
    3. IoT Services in the Cloud
      1. 3.1 Microsoft, AWS, Google Cloud Products
      2. 3.2 IoT data management & analytics
    4. Market Size and Outlook
      1. 4.1 Overall enterprise IT spending 2020
      2. 4.2 IoT PaaS and IoT IaaS spending in the context of overall public cloud spending
      3. 4.3 Total IoT cloud spending (IoT IaaS + IoT PaaS)
      4. 4.4 Total IoT cloud spending (IoT IaaS + IoT PaaS), by type
      5. 4.5 Overall IaaS spending vs. spending on IoT IaaS
      6. 4.6 Overall platform spending (excl. IoT) vs. spending on IoT platforms
      7. 4.7 Overall IoT public cloud spending, by industry
      8. 4.8 Overall IoT public cloud spending, by region
    5. Competitive Landscape
      1. 5.1 IoT cloud competitive landscape overview
      2. 5.2 Deep dive: The leading IoT cloud vendors
      3. 5.3 Overview of business, offerings, IoT architecture, and most used services:
      4. 5.3.1 Microsoft
      5. 5.3.2 AWS
      6. 5.3.3 Google Cloud
    6. Cloud Case Studies

      1. 6.1 Four detailed case studies
      2. 6.2 13 case studies based on an extensive survey of senior cloud experts on their IoT cloud setup
      3. 6.2.1 Other Comments on IoT Cloud Architectures on IoT Cloud from End Users
    7. Reference Architectures
    8. Trends and Developments
    9. Methodology and Market Definitions
    10. About IoT Analytics

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