Cloud Computing Market Report 2021–2026

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Cloud Computing Market Report 2021 - 2026 cover

149-page report on the current state and trends of the cloud computing market, including: :

  • Detailed overview and explanation of the 6 main public cloud building blocks and 31 sub-elements
  • Market sizing of the public cloud market (until Q3 2021), including a forecast to 2026, a breakdown by country and segment, and an analysis of the TAM beyond 2026
  • Competitive landscape, with detailed analysis of the three leading CSPs, including an analysis of nearly 5,000 case studies
  • Analysis of 4 main considerations when deciding to work in the cloud
  • 22 recent trends and developments
  • Insights and quotes from interviews with 10 cloud integrators/consultants on 10 topics (including the state of cloud adoption, AI/ML, and finding the right vendor)
  • Results from an end-user survey on cloud adoption
  • And more

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Cloud Computing Market Report 2021–2026

The Cloud Computing Market Report 2021–2026 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of software and platforms. The information presented in this report is based on the results of multiple surveys and secondary and qualitative research, i.e., interviews with 30+ experts in the field (vendors, integrators, consultants, and end users) between July 2020 and November 2021. The document includes a definition of cloud computing, market projections, adoption drivers, the competitive landscape, funding and M&A activity, key trends and developments, and insights from relevant surveys.

The main purpose of this document is to help our readers understand the current cloud computing landscape by defining, sizing, and analyzing the market.

Please note: This report is a general cloud report and not merely an IoT cloud report. A deep dive on IoT cloud is available here.


Questions answered in this report:

  • How big is the cloud computing market, and how fast is it growing across the following dimensions:
    • Type: PaaS vs. IaaS
    • Vertical (13 segments)
    • Country/region (57 countries)
  • How much further runway is there for growth in the market?
  • What does the competitive landscape look like in general?
  • What do the 3 leading cloud service providers offer in each public cloud building block and how do they differentiate?
  • What are the main trends and developments in the cloud market?
  • In which sectors of the cloud are VCs investing, and where are companies acquiring?
  • And more

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At a glance:

4 key considerations are highlighted for cloud deployments: service model, deployment model, computing resources, and application architecture.

Cloud service model considerations include answering questions such as “How much I am willing to control vs. how much should a cloud provider control?”

Deployment model-related considerations include the question of where data should be stored.

Computing resources- and applications architecture-related considerations refer to which kinds of computing resources should be used to build applications and which types of architectures applications should be built upon.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Cloud implementations considerations-min

The report highlights the leading cloud service providers’ offerings, market shares, and key customers’ industries.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Leading cloud vendors

Detailed profiles are available for the top 3 companies, including an estimation of revenue by service offered.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Hyperscaler cloud service revenue

The report contains market sizing of the public cloud market, including a forecast to 2026, a breakdown by country and segment, and an analysis of the total addressable market (TAM) beyond 2026.

Cloud Computing Market Q1 2019 to Q3 2021

10 relevant topics were discussed with 10 cloud experts at mid-sized to large integrators in the US and Europe. The report shows detailed quotes and findings from those research interviews.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Integrator consultant comments

End users in manufacturing were asked to detail their public cloud deployment status and plans for 26 of their enterprise applications.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Cloud migration-min

​Selected companies from the report:

Alibaba, Alphabet, AWS, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, VMWare, and many more.

Related Reading:

IoT Analytics’ blog post “The case for a $2 trillion addressable public cloud market” is derived from the report.

Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 - Cloud definition
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    Publication date

    December 2021


    Knud Lasse Lueth, Philipp Wegner, Mohammad Hasan


    149-page report detailing the market for public cloud incl. competitive landscape, key trends, adoption, end-user insights and more

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    Table of Contents

    Cloud Computing Market Report 2021-2026 (PDF)

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Technology Overview
      1. 2.1 Definition of Cloud
      2. 2.2 Public Cloud Building Blocks
    3. Technology Deep-dives
      1. 3.1 Cloud Implementation Considerations
      2. 3.2 Data Management and Analytics Considerations
      3. 3.3 Types of Cloud Applications
    4. Market Size and Outlook
      1. 4.1 Overall enterprise IT spending
      2. 4.2 Overall public cloud spending forecast
      3. 4.2.1 Overall public cloud spending forecast, by Component
      4. 4.2.2 Overall public cloud spending forecast, by Region
      5. Americas public cloud spending forecast, by country
      6. APAC public cloud spending forecast, by country
      7. EMEA public cloud spending forecast, by country
      8. 4.2.3 Overall public cloud spending forecast, by Industry
      9. USA public cloud spending forecast, by Industry
      10. China public cloud spending forecast, by Industry
    5. Competitive Landscape
      1. 5.1 Leading Cloud Vendors Overview
      2. 5.2. Amazon AWS
      3. 5.3 Microsoft Azure
      4. 5.4 Google GCP
    6. Funding and M&A Activity
      1. 6.1 Cloud Investment and Startup Funding
      2. 6.2 M&A Activity Overview
    7. Trends and Developments
      1. 7.1 General Trends
      2. 7.2 Cloud Infrastructure Trends
      3. 7.3 Cloud Services Trends
      4. 7.4 Cloud Integration Trends
    8. Selected integrator/consultant insights
      1. 8.1 State of Cloud Adoption
      2. 8.2 Cloud Adoption Journey
      3. 8.3 Pricing and Costs
      4. 8.4 Vendor Decision Criteria
      5. 8.5 Mutlicloud
      6. 8.6 Cloud Security
      7. 8.7 Containers
      8. 8.8 Serverless Computing
      9. 8.9 Data Management
      10. 8.10 AI/ML
    9. Selected end user insights
      1. 9.1 Cloud Adoption Survey
      2. 9.2 Industrial AI and Data Analytics Survey
    10. Methodology and Market Definitions
    11. About IoT Analytics

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