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Embedded World 2023—the Latest IoT Chipset and Edge Trends

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36-page report highlighting key insights from one of the world’s leading fairs for the embedded community
Document type: PDF
Published: April 2023
Main author: Kalpesh Baviskar
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About the report

A comprehensive summary of 19 key highlights and 10 in-depth insights assembled by the IoT Analytics team at the Embedded World fair, 2023. These insights are based on >75 booth visits, >50 individual interviews, and attendance at several presentations. Three analysts were present for a total of three days.

The main purpose of this document is for our readers to keep up with the latest IoT developments related to hardware and embedded topics and to stay ahead of the tidal changes regarding current market trends. 

Table of Contents

Embedded World 2023—the Latest IoT Chipset and Edge Trends (PDF)

  1. Overview
  2. Summary and Key Highlights
  3. Hardware and Chipset Insights
  4. Connectivity Insights
  5. Security Insights
  6. Other Insights
  7. Appendix


Knud Lasse Lueth, Satyajit Sinha, Kalpesh Baviskar

The report includes

  • 19 key highlights from the Embedded World fair 2023.
  • 10 in-depth insights with examples/proof-points and interview highlights.
  • Summary & Key Highlights (General impressions, exhibitor sentiment, most discussed tech topics, key announcements)
  • Hardware and Chipset Insights (AI Chipsets, AI-based Machine Vision, Software Defined Vehicles, Power Management IC’s).
  • Connectivity Insights (OPC-UA, TSN, Single-Pair Ethernet, Matter standard)
  • Security Insights (Security Standards IEC 62443, Post-quantum security)
  • Other Insights (RTOS, Hardware issues)

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