Equipment as a Service Market Report 2020-2025

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Comprehensive 78-page market report detailing the equipment as a service (EaaS) / pay per use market including:

  • Market size and forecast 2019 to 2025
  • Market size by industry
  • Market size by region
  • Trends driving the EaaS / pay per use market
  • Challenges facing the EaaS / pay per use market
  • Factors that affect EaaS adoption
  • 5 in-depth EaaS case studies
  • EaaS adoption analysis of 28 different industries
  • End-user and OEM analysis of EaaS sentiment (based on survey results)
  • Database of 39 EaaS projects
  • And more…

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Equipment as a Service Market Report 2020-2025

The Equipment as a Service (EaaS) Market Report 2020-2025 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 (Industrial IoT Research Workstream).

The main purpose of this document is to help our readers understand the current EaaS landscape by defining, sizing and analysing the market.

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Find out:

  • What is Equipment as a Service (EaaS)?
  • How big is the equipment as a service market and how fast is it growing (by region and industry)?
  • What percentage of equipment is currently sold as a service and how will this change over the next 5 years?
  • What are the benefits of EaaS business models for both OEMs and end users?
  • What are the key EaaS adoption drivers?
  • What types of OEMs are currently adopting EaaS and why?
  • What IoT technology and finance companies are OEMs partnering with to build EaaS businesses?
  • Which customers (by region, industry, size, etc.) prefer to purchase EaaS and why?
  • What are the key challenges associated with building EaaS business models?
  • What are examples of successful EaaS business models?

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At a glance:

Equipment as a service (EaaS) is the term used to describe a new way of paying for and consuming the utility of equipment.

Sometimes referred to as “pay per use” or “product service systems”, equipment as a service business models let manufacturers transfer a CAPEX into an OPEX and transfers responsibility for maintaining the asset from the end user to the equipment supplier. This report includes a detailed definition of EaaS, market projections, adoption drivers, key vendors, case study analysis, key trends & challenges, and insights from relevant surveys.


EaaS is one segment of the overall “hardware as a service” market and is comprised of multiple industries.


The report identifies 7 key factors that affect how likely it is an OEM offers EaaS.


29 industries are ranked based on their current EaaS adoption potential and current status.


50+ companies involved in Equipment as a Service have been identified.


39 EaaS case studies have been identified across variety of industries.


3 trends and 4 challenges with EaaS have been identified.


Insights for this report are supported by 3 surveys about EaaS.


Table of contents:


Selected companies from the report:

Aluvation, Gothaer, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Heller, Kaeser Compressors, Marlin Capital, Microsoft, PTC, Relayr, Rolls Royce, SAP, Siemens, TCS, T Systems and more.

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Publication date

February 2020


78 page pdf/ppt, 2 excel databases

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Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Executive summary

2 Topic at a glance

3 Market size

4 Adoption

5 Landscape of known adopters & vendors

6 Case studies

7 Trends & challenges

8 Survey data from end-users and suppliers

9 Methodology, resources & appendix