Industrial Software Landscape 2022–2027

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65-page market report and 17 data tables detailing the industrial software landscape including:

  • A global industrial software vendor database, with a classification of 150+ companies in 14 different software categories (CAD, EDA, PLM, machine control, MOM, IIoT platforms, SCM, field service, EAM, cloud infrastructure and services, cybersecurity, virtualization, remote access, and data and analytics)
  • Global market size 2017–2021 and forecast 2021–2027, with breakdowns by software group and category
  • Global competitive landscape, with key vendors and market shares in each category
  • 9 overarching market trends, including examples
  • 14 detailed software category deep dives with
    • Individual market size and forecast
    • Top vendors’ revenue stream split
    • Top vendors’ regional revenue split
    • Selected market trends
    • Market shares
  • And more

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Industrial Software Landscape 2022-2027

The industrial software landscape is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of Industrial IoT. The information presented in this report is based on extensive research conducted over several months that involved substantial effort to screen vendors, estimate their revenues and forecast markets going forward.

The purpose of this document is to inform interested parties of the state, growth and details of companies activity in the industrial software market as well as highlight some of the upcoming new players in the market and specific market trends – through the IoT Analytics research lens.

Questions answered in this report:

  • How large is the industrial software market, and how fast is it growing?
  • How large are individual sub-markets, and how far are they growing?
  • Which companies are active in specific software categories, and what is their market share?
  • What are some of the key market trends?
  • What are specific trends in each of the individual software categories?


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At a glance:

The report analyses 150 of the largest industrial software companies.
150 largest companies analyzed

The industrial software landscape is classified into 6 software groups and 14 software categories.

Industrial Software Landscape 2022-2027 - Taxonomy

Market data (historical values, actuals, and forecasts) are made available through a market data Excel file or an interactive dashboard tool (only available for IoT Analytics subscription customers with the Team User License or higher).

Industrial software competitive landscape - Market Data
The report includes a market view by software group and by software category.
Industrial Software Landscape - Market by Software group

The competitive landscape is examined from various angles (e.g., analyzing the 20 biggest software companies and their growth and providing a visual overview of the 14 industrial software categories and key vendors in each).

Industrial software competitive landscape

This analysis includes 9 overarching market trends with examples and quotes.

Industrial Software Landscape - Trends
The report includes a deep-dive page for each industrial software category.
Industrial Software Landscape - Deep-dive

​Selected companies from the report:

ABB, Amazon, Cadence, Dassault Systemes, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle,  SAP, Siemens, Synopsys, and 160+ more.

Related Reading:

IoT Analytics’ blog post “The top 10 industrial software companies” is derived from the report.

Industrial Software Landscape Market Report - Table of contents
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    Publication date

    February 2022


    Matthieu Kulezak, Matthew Wopata, Knud Lasse Lueth


    66-page report and 17 data tables detailing the market, market shares, and key trends for industrial software and more

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    +49 (0) 40-63911891

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    Table of Contents

    Industrial Software Landscape 2022–2027 (PDF)

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
      1. 2.1 Report Scope
      2. 2.2 Report Motivation
    3. Taxonomy
      1. 3.1 Industrial Software Taxonomy
      2. 3.2 Industrial Software Definitions
    4. Market Size and Forecast
      1. 4.1 Market Overview: Industrial Software
      2. 4.2 Market Overview: Industrial Software by Software Group
      3. 4.3 Industrial Software Landscape by Software Category and Type (2021)
      4. 4.4 Industrial Software Market Forecasts by Software Category
      5. 4.5 Total Available Software Market by End-User Industry (2021)
    5. Competitive Landscape
      1. 5.1 The 20 Biggest Industrial Software Companies
      2. 5.2 Top 20 Industrial Software Vendors: Market Share 2021 vs. 2020
      3. 5.3 Top 20 Industrial Software Vendors: Revenue by Software Category
      4. 5.4 Competitive Landscape: Key vendors & market shares in each category (2021)
    6. Overarching Market Trends
      1. 6.1 General Trends
      2. 6.2 Go-to-Market Strategy Trends
      3. 6.3 Technology Trends
    7. Deep Dives per Software Category
      1. 7.1 Deep Dive: CAD (Computer-aided design) Software
      2. 7.2 Deep Dive: EDA (Electronic design automation) Software
      3. 7.3 Deep Dive: PLM (Product lifecycle management) Software Market
      4. 7.4 Deep Dive: Machine Control Software Market
      5. 7.5 Deep Dive: MOM (Manufacturing operations management) Software Market
      6. 7.6 Deep Dive: Industrial IoT Software Platforms Market
      7. 7.7 Deep Dive: (SCM) Supply Chain Management Software Market
      8. 7.8 Deep Dive: Field Service Software Market
      9. 7.9 Deep Dive: EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) Software Market
      10. 7.10 Deep Dive: Cloud Infrastructure and Services Software Market
      11. 7.11 Deep Dive: Cybersecurity Software Market
      12. 7.12 Deep Dive: Virtualization Software Market
      13. 7.13 Deep Dive: Remote Access Software Market
      14. 7.14 Deep Dive: Data and Analytics Software Market
    8. Methodology and Market Definitions
    9. About IoT Analytics

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