IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025

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123-page market report detailing insights about the IoT Security market including:

  • Detailed IoT Security definition
  • Security comparison for IoT v OT v IT
  • 30 IoT Security elements identified within 3 main categories
  • 21 IoT Security Trends and developments
  • 10 detailed IoT Security vendor profiles
  • Detailed market model with splits by region, industry and tech stack
  • 5 Deep-dives into the largest countries for IoT Security.
  • 4 Models used to classify IoT Security risks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • Cloud security deep-dive
  • Endpoint security deep-dive
  • IoT Security adoption analysis including ROI and budget analysis
  • Survey analysis of end user IoT Security sentiment (for manufacturers)
  • Database of 220 IoT Security vendors
  • Database of 35 IoT Security projects
  • And more

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IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025

The IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT Platforms/Software (IoT Platforms/Software Research Workstream).

The main purpose of this report is to help our readers understand the current IoT Security landscape by defining and analyzing the market. The information presented in this report is based on 30+ individual interviews and discussions as well as presentation materials and on-site experiences from 5 conferences. Some individual insights were also derived from different reports/models and an extensive survey with leading manufacturers conducted between November 2019 and April 2020.

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Find out:

  • What is IoT Security (a definition)?
  • How is IoT Security different from traditional IT Security and OT Security?
  • What is the market size and forecast for IoT Security solutions?
  • How does the market break down by security type, industry, and geography?
  • Which IoT technology companies are OEMs partnering with to build IoT Security solutions?
  • What are the main trends & developments shaping the IoT Security market?
  • What are the key IoT Security threats and what frameworks are used to measure a security risk?
  • How is Covid-19 affecting the IoT Security market?
  • What is the end-user view of IoT Security in terms of adoption, ROI, and budgeting?

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At a glance:

IoT Security relates to securing IoT devices, both consumer and enterprise devices.

This report takes an in-depth look into the topic of IoT Security and includes a detailed definition of IoT Security, a classification of security elements, key vendor analysis, explores the biggest security threats, recent trends & developments, and highlights insights from recent security surveys. The focus of the report is on securing “IoT” devices for both enterprise (industrial and non-industrial) and consumers.

Note: Security of “Non-IoT” devices for both consumer and enterprises is not within the scope of this report.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Security of IoT devices

The report includes a device classification to define the scope and intersect of IoT and OT security.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - IT OT and IoT categorization

Market size analysis is provided in the report including IoT Security market projections until 2025 as well as market splits by region, industry and tech stack.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Global IoT Security market 2018-2025

10 detailed company profiles of leading IoT Security vendors are provided in the report as well as an accompanying database classifying 220 vendors.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Example company profile

In addition, a database of 35 IoT Security case studies has been identified across variety of industries

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Projects list

The report includes 30 security elements are defined across 3 categories: end-point security, network security and security lifecycle management.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - 30 security elements within 3 main categories

In addition, a special analysis was undertaken to see how IoT Security is affected by Covid-19.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - IoT Security and Covid-19

Results of an end-user survey (manufacturing focused) are presented showing IoT Security adoption rate, ROI, and budgets analysis.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Cybersecurity adoption

Furthermore, 21 trends and developments in IoT Security have been identified.

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Trends and development

Table of contents:

IoT Security Market Report 2020-2025 - Table of Contents

Selected companies from the report:

Accenture, AWS, CheckPoint, Cisco, Deloitte, Fortnet, Gemalto, Google, HPE, IBM, Infenion, Intel, Microsoft, Mocana, Nozomi Networks, Palantir, Palo Alto Networks, Siemens. Symantec, Thales, and 200 more.


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May 2020


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Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

2 Topic at a glance
2.1 IoT security introduction
2.2 IoT security offerings overview
2.3 Deep-dives

3 Market size & outlook
3.1 Market overview & forecast
3.2 Market deep-dives
3.2.1 Global IoT security market
3.2.2 Global IoT security market – By offering type
3.2.3 Global IoT security market – By industry group
3.2.4 Global IoT security market – By industry for 5 industry groups
3.2.5 Global IoT security market – By region
3.2.6 Global IoT security Market – By region & offering type
3.2.7 Global IoT security Market – By region & industry
3.2.8 Global IoT security Market – By top 10 countries & industry
3.2.9 Countries breakdowns for different regions
3.3 Country deep-dives

4 Competitive landscape
4.1 Competitive overview
4.2 Deep-dive: Largest IoT security vendors
4.3 Company profiles

5 Key cybersecurity threats
5.1 Introduction
5.2 List of key IoT security threats

6 Recent developments & current trends
6.1 Trends & developments overview
6.2 General trends & developments
6.3 Endpoint security trends & developments
6.4 Network security trends & developments
6.5 Lifecycle management trends & developments

7 End-user view (Manufacturers only)
7.1 IIoT security characteristics
7.2 End-user scorecard
7.3 Adoption
7.4 Challenges
7.5 Vendors
7.6 Focus areas
7.7 Further comments

Appendix & About