List Of 620 IoT Platform Companies

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The List Of 620 IoT Platform Companies is structured along the following dimensions (40+ columns):

  • General company information (company name, platform description, URL, company type, platform name and HQ location)
  • Platform type (application enablement, device management, advanced analytics, cloud storage/IaaS, Telco connectivity backend, Asset/edge connectivity)
  • Other IoT technologies offered (Processors/Semiconductors, Communication hardware, Developer Tools, Analytics, etc.)
  • Segment focus (Industrial/Manufacturing, Energy, Supply chain, Automotive, Smart Home, etc.)
  • Further information (founding date, case studies, partner ecosystem, key customers, revenue estimates, etc. )

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List Of 620 IoT Platform Companies

The List Of 620 IoT Platform Companies is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT Platforms.

The information presented here includes a comprehensive company database, which is a structured repository classifying 600+ IoT Platforms that focus on providing solutions for the Internet of Things and includes revenue & market share estimates for 620 IoT Platform vendors.

The database are based on several months of analysis (August 2019 to December 2019) that involved extensive research to compile and classify a detailed data set of IoT Platforms.

Read the corresponding blog post here.

The database is specifically suited for:

  • M&A target search
  • IoT strategy / business case development
  • Go-to-market / market entry strategy
  • Customer / Vendor selection
  • Sector scan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment opportunity search

Please note:
A detailed market report based on this database of IoT Platforms is also available.

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At a glance:

Database Structure –List Of 620 IoT Platform Companies

  • General Information
    • Company Name
    • Platform Description
    • URL
    • Company Type
    • Platform Name
    • Location (City, State, Country, Region)
  • Platform Capabilities
    • Application Enablement
    • Device Management
    • Cloud Storage/IaaS
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Asset/Edge connectivity
    • Telco Connectivity backend
  • Other IoT Technologies Offered
    • Processors / Semiconductors
    • Sensors
    • Communication Hardware
    • Operating Systems
    • Developer Tools
    • Complete IoT-enabled Products
  • Segment Focus
    • Consumer – Home
    • Consumer – Lifestyle
    • Consumer – Health
    • Consumer – Mobility
    • Business – Retail
    • Business – Agriculture
    • Business – Health
    • Business – Energy
    • Business – Mobility
    • Business – Smart Buildings
    • Business – Smart Cities
    • Business – Telecom
    • Business – Enterprise
    • Business – Manufacturing / Industry
    • Business – Supply Chain
    • Business – Public Sector
    • Business – Finance
    • Other business
  • Further Information
    • Founded
    • IoT Platform operating since
    • URL for Case Studies
    • Key customers
    • Partner ecosystem
    • Estimated externally generated IoT Platform Revenue 2019 (MUSD)
    • Comments
IoT Platforms Company Landscape & Database 2020 - 620 platforms-min

Selected companies from the report:

Alibaba, AWS, Bosch,, Cisco, Ericsson, GE, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, Relayr, Samara, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, Software AG, Telit, Uptake, and 600 more…

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