Smart Meter Market Report 2019-2024

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134-page industry market report examining the global Smart Meter market.

The report includes:

+ Technology breakdown of Smart Meter solutions.
+ Market sizing & outlook for 2019-2024
+ Breakdown by region and shipments
+ Breakdown by utility type (electricity, gas, water).
+ Breakdown by end-user (industrial, commercial, residential).
+ 14 Detailed case studies examining real-world deployments.
+ 7 Trends and challenges in adoption of smart meter solutions.
+ 40+ Charts analyzing the market.
+ 25+ Market data tables in Excel.
+ Competitive Landscape and 10 detailed vendor profiles.
+ Database classifying 100+ smart meter ecosystem companies.
+ Database classifying 80+ implementations of smart meters.
+ And more

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Smart Cities Report Series: Smart Meter Market Report 2019-2024

The Smart Meter report is part of a larger effort of mapping global Smart City initiatives in the IoT Analytics’ Smart City Series. To date the series includes a Smart city project list, dedicated reports on smart streetlights, smart parking and now smart meters.

Find out in this report:

  • How big the smart meter market is currently and how fast the market is growing
  • How the market revenue is developing across 4 regions APAC, Europe, North America, and Rest of World
  • How smart meter solutions are being implemented today (list of 80+ real-world deployments + 14 case study deep-dives)
  • The technology segmentation of smart meter solutions and their main elements
  • The connectivity technologies that are dominating the smart meter market
  • Which company is leading the smart meter market and the corresponding market share of the leaders
  • What the current main trending topics are affecting the smart meter market
  • What the main challenges and barriers to adoption are
  • And more

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At a glance:

Smart meters are a vital upgrade for any traditional utility company looking to future proof their network infrastructure. reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

IoT Analytics estimates the global Smart Meter market to surpass $10 billion by the end of 2019 and forecasts the market to grow at a CAGR of 6% reaching $13.7 billion by 2024.

The 134-page smart meter report, the third in a series of smart city reports, examines worldwide deployment, spending and shipment of smart meter hardware devices, with segmentation analysis by region, technology, and product. Additionally it further examines the market landscape, including a market share analysis of the biggest smart meter players globally and regionally.

Definition used for the Smart Meter report:

Smart meters are defined as intelligent, network-enabled measuring systems for resources and energy such as water, gas or electricity that use computer-aided measurement, determination and control of consumption and supply for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Smart meters are part of the greater smart utility system and are installed at the end-user end (i.e., the point of resource consumption). They can be connected to a network via either wireless or wired connections to transmit consumption data to the utility provider, replacing the need for manual readings on-site and estimated billing.

Many smart meter solutions offer customers in-house displays and online applications to track their resource usage and provide accurate billing based on what they’ve used.

This report explores the role of smart meters in three key utilities; energy, gas and water.

The Smart Meter report includes a technology breakdown of the stack of a smart meter solution, which can be broken down into 4 major layers (hardware, connectivity, middleware, and applications) and 21 components.

The Smart Meter report includes a comprehensive competitive landscape section including 10 detailed company profiles and a database classifying 100+ companies in the smart meter ecosystem.

The Smart Meter report includes 40+ market analysis charts such as global spending, number of smart meters by region as well as a list of 80+ smart meter deployments from around the world including 14 case study deep-dives.

Table of contents:

Selected companies mentioned:

Aclara Technologies, Badger Meter, Diehl Metering, Elster (Honeywell), Holley Technologies, Itron, Jiangsu Linyang, Landis+Gyr, Sagemcom, Sanxing Electric, Silver Spring Networks, Waison, Xylem (Sensus) plus 80+ others.

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Additional information

Publication date

November 2019


134 pages, 100+ smart meter companies, 85 smart meter projects, 40+ charts, 25+ data tables, 14 case studies, 10 vendor profiles, 12 drivers & challenges, 7 trends, and more

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Table of Contents

Smart Meter Market Report 2019-2024

Executive Summary

1 Introduction
1.1 Objectives of the study
1.2 Smart Meter Definitions
1.3 Smart Meters and their role in Smart Utility Systems
1.4 Conventional meters versus Smart meters
1.5 Types of Smart Meter
1.6 Evolution of Smart Meters
1.7 Components of a Smart Meter Project

2 Technology
2.1 Conceptual view of a smart metering system
2.2 Technology Stack Overview
2.3 Hardware Architecture
2.4 Software Components
2.4.1 Meter Data Management
2.5 Connectivity Technologies
2.5.1 Different types of connectivity networks
2.5.2 Connectivity options pros & cons
2.6 Services

3 Market Analysis
3.1 Global Smart Meter Market
3.1.1 Global Smart Meter Market in Major Countries
3.1.2 Global Smart Meter Market by Value
3.1.3 Global Smart Meter Market by Volume
3.1.4 Global Smart Meter Market Value by Utility Type
3.1.5 Global Smart Meter Market Shipment by Utility Type
3.1.6 Global Smart Meter Market Value by End-user
3.1.7 Global Smart Meter Market Shipment by End-user
3.2 Global Smart Meter Market by Technology Stack
3.3 Global Smart Meter Market by Region
3.4 Smart Meter Market Penetration & Connectivity

4 Competitive landscape
4.1 Smart Meter Ecosystem
4.2 Market Share by vendor – all smart meters
4.3 Market Share by vendor – smart electricity meters
4.4 Market Share by vendor – smart water meters
4.5 Market Share by vendor – smart gas meters
4.6 Strategic initiatives/Alliances
4.7 Smart Meter Start-ups
4.8 Vendor Profiles

5 Implementation & Business models
5.1 Smart meter planning
5.2 Procurement complexity
5.3 Business models

6 Case Studies
6.1 Smart Meter Case Studies
6.2 Other Smart Meter Case Studies

7 Drivers and Challenges
7.1 General Drivers
7.2 General Challenges
7.3 Deep-dive Drivers & Challenges: Electricity Metering
7.4 Deep-dive Drivers & Challenges: Water Metering
7.5 Deep-dive Drivers & Challenges: Gas Metering

8 Trends and Future Directions
8.1 Emerging Trends
8.2 Technological Trends
8.3 Non-Technological Trends