IoT Analytics publishes first ever global overview of 640+ enterprise IoT use cases


The 2016 database of enterprise IoT use cases contains extensive information on 640 real IoT projects, including details on project location, industry, end-user as well as key vendors involved in each project.

PRESS RELEASE. Hamburg, Germany – 11 Aug 2016 //

IoT Analytics, the leading provider of market insights for the Internet of Things (IoT), today published a comprehensive IoT use case database, focusing on non-consumer IoT use cases.

The new project database itemizes more than 640 publicly announced IoT use cases in greater detail across 10 major segments covering applications in 60+ countries worldwide. More than 300 IoT vendors are identified as either hardware, software, or connectivity providers for these projects.

IoT use cases implemented in Industrial settings make up the largest part of identified projects (22%), followed by projects which are part of Smart City initiatives (20%) and projects evolving around Smart Energy generation and distribution (13%).

Most identified projects are set in North America (44%), however, Europe (34%) and Asia Pacific (16%) also play an important role.

The database entails only Internet of Things use cases which have in fact been realized or are currently being completed. In the majority of projects, the end-user can be identified by name and a link to an online project description is available. All information is presented in a structured form, allowing for a wide range of further analyses and deep-dives.

Commenting on the findings, IoT Analytics Managing Director Knud Lasse Lueth said: “In the last months, a number of firms have approached us to understand which IoT use cases are being implemented in their industries and by whom. We are now in the position to answer this question holistically. The database allows for a deep understanding of the current IoT ecosystem and serves as an important basis for anyone who wants to look beyond the hype of the Internet of Things and get real about actual IoT use cases.”

The List of 640+ IoT Projects is available to download HERE.

About IoT Analytics

IoT Analytics is the leading provider of market insights & competitive intelligence for the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry 4.0.

The specialized data-driven research firm helps more than 30,000 Internet of Things decision-makers understand IoT markets every month. IoT Analytics tracks important data around the IoT ecosystem such as M&A activity, Startup funding, company projects, use cases and latest developments.

Product offerings include in-depth market reports, technical whitepapers, sponsored research, regular newsletter, as well as Go2Market and consulting services. As a research pioneer, IoT Analytics combines traditional methods of market research such as interviews and surveys with state-of-the art web-mining tools to generate high-caliber insights.

IoT Analytics is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

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Database Structure – IoT use case list 2016

The IoT use case database is structured along the following 5 dimensions

  • Use Case Detail – General information about the IoT use case (description, industry, location and link to more information)
  • End user of the IoT solution – Information about the company employing IoT (description, industry, homepage and location)
  • Value proposition of IoT deployment – classified as revenue, cost, safety, other and description of results
  • IoT infrastructure – Name of IoT Solution vendors classified by hardware, software, connectivity and other solution provider for respective use case
  • Use case classification – e.g. Predictive maintenance; Precision Farming, etc.

IoT vendors mentioned (selected vendors only):

ABB, Accenture, Aeris, Amazon, Arrayent, AT&T, Ayla Networks, Autodesk, Axeda, BlackBerry, Bosch, Carriots, Cisco, Dell, Ericsson, Evrythng, GE, Gemalto, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Jasper, Kore Telematics, Libelium, LoRA, Microsoft, Nokia, ntels, Oracle, Qualcomm, PTC, Relayr, Rockwell Automation,, Samsung, SAP, Semtech, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, SIGFOX, Solair, Telefonica, Telit, ThingWorx, Verizon, Xively, Zebra Technologies.


For further comments or more information on this press release, please contact: Thomas Meier, Market Analyst, IoT Analytics

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