IoT Infographic: Journey Towards Successful IoT Solutions

In order to create transparency around what it takes to develop a commercial industrial IoT Solution, we created an IoT infographic that helps people adopting IoT technology understand some of the crucial elements of the journey. On a high level there are usually 5 steps:

  1. Business Case Development
  2. Build vs. Buy Decision
  3. Proof of Concept (PoC)
  4. Initial Pilot Rollout
  5. Commercial Deployment

The corresponding IoT infographic is based on our research, including 30+ interviews with IoT users and vendors:

IoT infographic: Journey Towards Successful IoT Projects

Access: You can access the IoT infographic in high resolution as a PNG file HERE and as a PDF file HERE.

Key insights include:

  • More than 1/3 of people do not start with a clear IoT problem in mind but rather explore the technology first
  • IoT Cloud / Platforms are leading the way in coordinating the IoT Solution Development
  • Not starting a comprehensive organizational change effort on day 1 is one of the most common mistakes cited
  • Connected Industry and Smart City are currently leading the way in IoT Solution Development

Additional details such as a comparison of some key vendors and a detailed discussion of the technology stack are provided in the 31-page  Guide to IoT solutions development for IoT business & technical decision makers.

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Knud Lasse Lueth

Knud is the founder of IoT Analytics. He has extensive background working with IoT software and hardware companies and builds on a consulting and manufacturing background.

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