2021 List of IoT Platforms Companies

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The 2021 List of IoT Platform Companies is structured along the following dimensions (50 columns):

  • General company information (company name, platform description, URL, company type, platform name and HQ location)
  • Platform type (application enablement, device management, data management, cloud storage/IaaS, Telco connectivity)
  • Other IoT technologies offered (Processors/Semiconductors, Communication hardware, Developer Tools, Analytics, etc.)
  • Segment focus (Industrial/Manufacturing, Energy, Supply chain, Automotive, Smart Home, etc.)
  • Further information (founding date, case studies, partner ecosystem, key customers, revenue estimates, etc. )

Bonus: The file also includes a list of recently merged or acquired IoT Platforms and recently discontinued IoT Platforms

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2021 List of IoT Platform Companies

The 2021 List of IoT Platform Companies is part of IoT Analytics’ ongoing coverage of IoT Software/Platforms and represents an update to the 2020 List of 620 IoT Platforms.

The information in the list includes a comprehensive company database, which is a structured repository classifying 600+ IoT Platforms that focus on providing modular software platforms for the Internet of Things and includes revenue estimates for 612 IoT Platform vendors.

The file also includes a structured list of 84 merged or acquired IoT Platforms as well as a structured list of 188 discontinued IoT Platforms (with reasons why the platform has been discontinued).

The list is based on several months of analysis (July 2021 to October 2021) that involved extensive research to compile and classify a detailed data set of IoT Platforms.

The database is specifically suited for:

  • M&A target search
  • IoT strategy / business case development
  • Go-to-market / market entry strategy
  • Customer / Vendor selection
  • Sector scan
  • Competitive analysis
  • Due Diligence
  • Investment opportunity search

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At a glance:

Database Structure – 2021 List of IoT Platform Companies

General Information
  • Company Name
  • Platform Description
  • URL
  • Company Type
  • Platform Name
  • Location (City, State, Country, Region)
Platform Capabilities
  • Application Enablement
  • Data management
  • Device Management
  • Telco Management
  • IaaS
Other IoT Technologies Offered
  • Processors / Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Communication hardw. (Modules / SIMs / Gateways)
  • Operating systems and virtualization tools
  • Edge Computing (IPCs, PLCs, etc.)
  • Developer tools, board/kit
  • Application
  • Complete IoT-enabled products/assets
  • Connectivity Services (e.g., MVNO)
Segment Focus
  • Consumer – Home
  • Consumer – Lifestyle
  • Consumer – Health
  • Consumer – Mobility
  • Business – Retail
  • Business – Agriculture
  • Business – Health
  • Business – Energy
  • Business – Mobility
  • Business – Smart Buildings
  • Business – Smart Cities
  • Business – Telecom
  • Business – Enterprise
  • Business – Manufacturing / Industry
  • Business – Supply Chain
  • Business – Public Sector
  • Business – Finance
  • Other business
Further Information
  • Founded
  • IoT Platform operating since
  • URL for Case Studies
  • Key customers
  • Partner ecosystem
  • Estimated externally generated IoT Platform Revenue 2020 (MUSD)
  • IoT IaaS Revenue 2020 (MUSD)
Iot platform companies list - Operating
Iot platform companies list - Acquired
Iot platform companies list - Discontinued

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IoT Analytics published a blog post on “IoT Platform Companies Landscape 2021/2022: Market consolidation has started” which is derived from the report.

Selected companies from the report:

Alibaba, AWS, Bosch, C3.ai, Cisco, Ericsson, GE, Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, PTC, Relayr, Siemens, Sierra Wireless, Software AG, Telit, Uptake, and 600 more…

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