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Reports, white papers, insights for the IoT Platform Market

Below, you’ll find all of our market reports, white papers and insights related to the IoT platform market.¬†
IoT platform topics include: Cloud processing & storage, IoT APIs, connectivity and device management, data processing and analytics, enterprise interface management, and much more…

Latest Insights

How to Stand out as an IoT Platform Vendor Featured Cover v3

How to stand out as an IoT Platform Vendor

[responsive] [/responsive] Competitive intensity is high in the fragmented IoT Platforms market. With more than 450 companies competing for market ...
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Platforms 2018 Featured Image Preview

Microsoft and PTC named leading IoT Platform vendors for Cloud and AEP, respectively, as growth in the IoT Platforms Market accelerates to 39%

[responsive] [/responsive] PRESS RELEASE: Hamburg, Germany - 26 June 2018 // IoT Analytics, a leading provider of market insights & ...
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IoT Platform Comparison Banner

IoT Platform Comparison: How the 450 providers stack up

Disclaimer: This article does not provide guidance or intend to compare technical features of different IoT platforms. It looks at ...
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IoT Platforms Company List 2017 Update

450 GLOBAL IOT PLATFORM VENDORS MARKS A NEW RECORD The 2017 list of IoT platform companies contains extensive information on ...
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